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Isabell Rodriguez Is Scandinavia's #1 Transformational Confident Coach, Mastermind Retreat Creator,  Best Selling Author, & Award Winner Of The 

"Kristallen award" for best documentary Movie Of The Year"Say Something", which is the movie about her life, growing up being a victim of domestic violence. 

Isabell lost her father when she was 2.

She was sexually abused at the age of 5.

She lived a very difficult life and in extreme conditions during her childhood and teenage years.


From 11 to 15 years old, she got physically and mentally abused by her stepfather to a point where her mother and she had to escape to a women's shelter to survive.

She was labeled as a child with "attitude problems", ADHD and, on top of that, was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at a young age, 


The consequences of her traumas led to a downward spiral of self-destructive behavior, insecurities, self-hate, & low self-esteem, which pushed her to fall in the same footstep as her mother,. Isabell ending up falling in love with a guy who abused her physically, verbally, & sexually, bringing Isabell down even more. at age 15.

For years she was running from her emotions, using alcohol, drugs and blaming the world for what she was going through.  

Until one day she woke up at age 19, in a hospital, after a psychosis from drugs, trying to commit suicide.

- Hearing the doctor say, It's a miracle she is alive, & should have been dead.

That was her wake-up call, she decided there and then to rebuild her life, give up drugs & alcohol to start building herself up.

A long journey began, & after traveling the world (51 countries & counting), studies, books, seminars, & mentors, 10 years later she is now pregnant with her first child, married & living her best life in Costa Rica. helping women all over the world to break free from their traumas, self-doubts, to live the life of their dreams.

She has up to today helped changed a law in Sweden by speaking up, telling her story. 

Isabell has been nominated and got awarded multiply times for her immense will to help, influence & creativity to change the world.


Isabell is the founder of "Rebuild Your Life Program", "Mastering The Feminine Power" Mastermind Retreat, & is coaching women all over the world, to help them change their paradigms, live in their full potential without limiting themselves, because of their past traumas. 

" Everything I went through made me the person I am today, the good & the bad.

I am here, speaking up, sharing my experience to show other victims that it is possible, to get from what I thought at the time "a broken person" to a woman who lives out her dreams to the fullest. Now helping women reach their fullest potential, experience more confidence, & create the life of their dreams."

- I know you have so much more inside of you, hiding underneath.

I want to help you embrace it, see your full potential, & create the life you truly deserve.

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It´s never too late to become, whom you were meant to be

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