I want to share something I have not shared before, and I believe it's the perfect time to open up and to put light on this subject.

It's been a while since I last wrote here on the blog, and I have committed to myself and to you, to start writing more frequently.

It's been some crazy years, to say the least, and I will try to summon it up as well as possible. Then, I will divide each part into a post on its own.

Where do I even begin?


Was a crazy year, in lockdown.

I think we all can agree on that one?

This years was also when my life changed forever, and it was the year when I found out I was pregnant: November 28th, two days before I turned 29.

To be honest, I was terrified.

First, I cried of happiness, then I cried of fear, and then I just decided there and then, I would make this the best journey of my life.

What an incredible experience, I am now going to become a mother, and I get to share this with the love of my life.

(I will write a whole blog post about the pregnancy and how I experienced it all, I also have the entire video of when Baby Ian was born)



I was seven months pregnant. I was happy, scared, and so excited because I had my first "Mastering The Feminine Power" Mastermind retreat in Costa Rica after months of postponing it because of covid.

What an phenomenal experience.

It took a lot of work, anxiety, and fear, but I managed to pull it off, and it was a super success.

I also got the chance to take the most beautiful pregnancy pictures at the mansion.

July: Ian came into the world on July 30th at 7 AM.

It was the most beautiful, terrifying, and unreal experience of my life.

I was so excited to meet him, but a bit freaked out. What do I ett do now?

September: Premium Black had its first release party with some of the top A celebrities. One of my husband's companies, which is a high-profile networking club for athletes, artists, actors, politicians, and many more.

The party of the year and it was an immense success and it was baby Ian's first red carpet.

I was seven weeks postpartum.

October: I had my second "Mastering The Feminine Power" mastermind retreat.

This time, I had the opportunity to have one of my idols "Lauren Drain," as one of the speakers at the retreat.

Talk about "Law of attraction"! I used to have Lauren on my dream board and on my fridge, as she was my fitspo for many years. She has inspired me with her dedication to fitness and her resilience to overcome childhood trauma.

Along with five other incredible female speakers, this retreat was another success, filled with love, support, healing and new creative ideas.

I was 11 weeks postpartum.

Today April 21th, So much has happened in a very short time.

I believe I pushed myself a little too hard after giving birth, I wanted to be back in my old state, working, creating, living up to my old standard, but slowly I realised it was not possible!

I feel exhausted! I constantly feel like I am letting someone down.

If I am going to be 100% honest, ever since I gave birth, I have gone through a roller coaster of emotions, of anxiety, regrets, shame, guilt, and a feeling of being "LOST."

I imagine many women, especially first-time mothers, feel like this, but we don't talk about it.

I love my son more than life itself, but I have never felt so lost, lonely and sad as I have felt in the last couple of months.

After going to my doctor repeatedly, mentioning feeling extremely sad, lonely, depressed, and anxious, we decided that the best option for me is to start on a medication to help me get back in a good mental state.

As a coach myself with "tools" in my toolbox, I have had to face certain sides of myself that were not that pretty and learn that asking for help, is crutial.

And starting to take medication again, which goes against everything I stand for.

But after trying everything to make myself feel better without any big changes, I was in need for another option.

I have focused on training, eating healthy, doing my morning routines, learning and growing.

But most of the time, I felt depressed and lonely, without knowing WHY! and some days I could barely make it out of bed, my tears were pouring, and I seriously couldn't "get my shit together."

It frustrated me, and I have been felling extremely guilty.

Why am I like this?

What's wrong with me?

Why cant I just be happy now when I have this beautiful son in my life?

I have now come to terms with that I have been through postpartum depression, and I am slowly getting out of it, with the help from my husband, loved ones, and professional help.

I have been going through one of the most challenging days of my life, and I have been through much in my 30 years of living.

I bet many women can relate to this.

To anyone reading this, going through something similar, I want you to know; You are not alone, there is help to get, and I promise you, this too shall pass.

I genuinely want to share a light on this subject as I know this is more common than we think.

Let's start talking about this, as this is something many women experience.

I want anyone reading this to know that there is no shame in feeling all these emotions. In fact, it is normal.

You just gave birth to another human being, and your body is filled with hormones.

There have been times I thought to myself that the only way out is to end my life because I felt like I would not be a good mom, and it brings tears to my eyes just writing it.

But that's how dark it's been at times, and not being able or having the guts to share it either.

So here it is, no filter, no pretends, just me being honest about my postpartum journey. It's been almost nine months, and even if I am not out of it, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

FUN FACT : This post has taken me three days to complete, which usually would have taken me 3 hours. Time and priorities are different.

It was hard to get used to it initially, but now I am starting to accept that time looks different now.

I am taken time off, spending time with Baby Ian, prioritizing self-love and quality time with my family

I am taking time to restore myself so I can show up as the supportive coach that I know I am, but I need to fill my own cup first.

So that my friend is what I am doing right now.

  • Issy

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

Hi everyone!

I would love to update you a little bit and in short tell you about my 2020.

The year for me started great, Hector & I traveled to New Jersey for my book launch, I then later traveled to Texas and I was supposed to travel to Sweden to visit my family but because of the corona I needed to cancel my travel planes and go straight back to Costa Rica, to my puppy Zambia and husband Hector.

So instead of traveling for 3 months I got to be away for 1 and both me hector agreed that 1 month was enough, we really missed each other, and when I got back we were in the honey moon stage again :)

Well, Costa Rica shut down, quarantine was a fact and now we were locked in, making tiktoks and worked harder on making both our businesses online.

We had to cancel 5 Mastermind retreats this year, BUT in the end of the year we got to have a successful, fun and creative one.

Many things changed for us, but as a couple we grew stronger.

It was times we got tired of each other, unnecessary fights about stupid things, but things also needed to be adressed and that brought us closer.

I was super worried in the beginning thinking that this could be the end of the world... after a while it turned around for me and I started to feel like this whole thing was more of a scam and a way of controlling us humans, making us turn our head from something bigger that is happening in the world right as we speak.... like a distraction.

This is only my opinion and I know many others are afraid, and I respect that.

I am just a person who never watch news or scroll on social media, for the simple reason that media wants to feed us fear and whatever they want us to believe.

I had my moments when I felt trapped, locked inside the house and insecure about the future, but this year I also started my new morning routine and finished a Vipassana 10 day meditation course, which I wrote about here!

It changed my life completely, that kept me grounded and calm each and everyday throughout the quarantine. I focused 100% on self love, myself and my needs, I learned yoga, practice gratitude, started to run (never though it would happened) and putting goals and new ways of training my body & mind, so overall I did enjoy the "world standing still". The fact that I could not visit my family in Sweden, broke my heart, my family freaked out during this epidemi and I was over here, they really just wanted me home to Sweden.

This year was very productive for me because I had so much time after finishing my studies in February.

I created my first ever online course - 5-Steps To Rebuild Your Life.

Which I am very proud of and it have already helped many people so far.

I created it for you to establish a great relationship to your body, mind and finances (making money online) Its a 5 hour long video online course, that I worked super hard to create, to get you all the knowledge that lead me to go from insecure, self sabotaging and lost to believing in myself, having great habits and routines and an income online.

I decided that coaching was the thing I wanted to do full time, instead of just doing 1:1, I wanted to create a full program that really focus on building confidence & a clear vision for your goals. That is why I created "Rebuild Your Life Program" for women who have been through trauma, who feel stuck and need that right guidance to get out of the loop of doubting, mistreating themselves and feeling confused of what path they want to go.

I also created the "Rebuild Your Life Group call" once a week, for women to have a safe and inspiring place to meet at. Every other week I invite an expert in different type of field of self development, and together we learn, discuss and grow together.

This meeting is every Saturday at 11.00 AM MST time, and you can always join! https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81104691080

Apart from all this work, I manage to grow my TikTok to 23K followers in 3 months, and I had so much fun doing it :D

We also moved 31th of July to my dream home in playa grande, right on the beach. On the day we moved Hector surprised me with a new family member, Little Bruzer, the cutes little loving pup ever ....

We finally got to do 1 Mastermind retreat to finish this year in the best way possible, we got so many amazing people coming, experts from USA, Uruguay, Mexico and Sweden!

We had the amazing Forbes Riley & Joshua Self joining us, I was blown away with the incredible knowledge, energy and friendship they both brought to the Mastermind.

So, over all 2020 was a scary, uncertain, growing and productive year, with love, honesty, self love and realisation.

I would love to know how your year was, if I can help or serve in any way, please let me know. I love hearing from you guys, please comment here or email me at Info@issyrodriguez.com.

So... This year is about to end & I must say that this year came with many surprises & I will soon share one or 2 with you guys, so stay tuned.

In one week Hector and I are finally going back to Sweden for 2 weeks, and to be honest: I CANT WAIT ....


I hope 2021 will bring you knowledge, success and happiness.

You have the power to do and create anything you want in your life, sometimes you might need a push in the right direction, sometimes you just need to open your eyes after a hectic uncertain year, to understand what you really want and need for yourself.

Mucho Love from Me To You

  • Issy

Hi guys, I hope y'all are well despite this Corona Virus epidemic that is now all around us!

How weird has these last 4 months been, I don`t know how you are affected in your country, but in Costa Rica, its been a huge difference.

Its been some crazy, but very productive months for me, and I want to share some news with you.

I do feel like I am connecting & communicate so much better through videos these days, that’s why I recorded a video this time, so a little V-Logg.



Stephanie (youtuber) Stephanie Lyn Coaching, check her out, she is incredible.

I hope you all are doing fine & I would love your comments and stories.

Please share with me, how you are doing? how is the corona affecting you?, what positive thing has it brought to you?.

Thank you for watching, I wish y'all an amazing start of the week 💓