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2nd of August was my wedding day. I guess I’m lucky enough to have 2 wedding days, first was 19th of December 2017 in Uruguay and now in Sweden. 2 families from across the world. We needed to have two. This wedding in Sweden I had to do it all myself. Planning, stressing, crying and now I’m sitting here laughing at all the details I thought in my head would be do or die. I put so much pressure on myself that at one point I sat down and cried and just said I am done, can’t do this. Seriously who needs a second wedding anyway. LOL I am happy I have a husband who is not only patient with me but also my biggest support who dragged me up from my childish behaviors. Anyhow I made it all with a lot of help from my super mom and my amazing bride mates. I am also a person who projecting things when I know it involves a lot of planning. So it was my fault I only had 3 weeks to get EVERYTHING done. BUT I DID IT. We also moved from Norway to Sweden on July 1th and that was also a big step but a step in the right direction and it took a lot of my time witch I should have spent planning into the wedding. But now I am sitting here, 3 days after the wedding and we slept most of the time out of exhausting. And I made up my mind to start blogging to tell my story in words. My journey has been going on for a long time but a few weeks ago I burned my bridge and quit my full-time job to start freelancing and building my own business and keep traveling which is my biggest and most important passion of all.

So here it is, my life in words, my journey, my thoughts and most important of all, my personal diary to show other people that living with Bipolar diagnose that no matter how low or high you are you can still live out your dreams and get the tools to be as balanced as you can.

Here is some photos from our BIG day

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Updated: Sep 7, 2018

19 th of December I got married. My last name changed from Andersson to Rodriguez. We said yes in Montevideo Uruguay with my husbands family and friends togethering. Now we are planing our Swedish wedding 2th of August.

Landing in Uruguay 14 th of December just days before our wedding. Nervous as could be. The fist time I was meeting my husbands family. It might seemed crazy for a lot of people that we got married so soon or even before meeting his parents. But life sometimes happens when your busy making other plans.

“After all this time and for all these years we spend apart it was such an amazing moment to say, yes I do. Knowing how far we have come, all these time was worth it, finally I can call you my husband”

We first met in Zambia late 2014 when I was traveling the world, just me and my backpack. There he was at this small bungyjump place ready to jump of a bridge. And I could not stop staring at this beautiful human. Who are now my husband. If I would have known then what a journey we would go on, I would have never believed it.

So here we are today. After sharing a distance relationship for almost 4 years. We made it. So many months of traveling back and forth to see each other, and many facebook calls later, we are now living together for the first time.

Hector is from Uruguay and been working for United nation and was stationed in Kongo DRC. Me, Im from Stockholm, capital of Sweden, always had a passion for traveling and never thought I would ever get married.

Here I am today, looking back on this crazy journey we both shared. I will share a lot of memories from this time when we could go up to 5 months without seeing each other. But at the same time we really learned how to deal with it and I think it made us get to know each other on a different level.

We have now lived together for 4 months and to be honest I thought it was gonna be harder.But its so much easier then sharing a world apart relationship. I am now planing our wedding, witch would be held in my home town Tyresö. My friends and family will vitnesses this moment and I am just so excited. A lot of planing and a lot of work needs to be done.

The wedding in Uruguay was all planed when I arrived, i basically just got my dress with me and said yes. It was a small wedding and it was beautiful and I couldn't be more happy with it.

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