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Well good morning everyone 🌺

I woke up feeling so excited for this week, I have so many things going on. Me and Héctor are planing for many things to come. One of the are our Mastermind here I Cosa Rica (I will make a post about that this week).

The view from the house, we are having our "Mastermind"

Today is school day and I am awake here in my bed, 1 hr earlier than I was suppose to wake up. so, I wanted to take the time to write a short post.

This weekend was really good, I got so many things done and also I visit the beach, even if it was only 1 hr because then it started to rain. Because of the rainy season I don't go that ogetne, mainly because it rains almost all the time. And got to get my ACAÍ Bowl from @vidabowls_foodtruck_cr 🙌

Other from that I have been working on my website for my coaching, which is going to be updated very soon.

Next week I will also fly to Canada, for the launch of my book. I CAN FINALLY SAY MY BOOK IS READY : Isabell Then & Now 😍🙏 I have been working so hard on it. Many tears was shared and many late nights, doubts but also so much happiness is put into that book.

I am so proud of myself, it took me almost a year from the first idea of writing a book to putting in all into work, and now I (almost) have it in my hand 🌺

Remember I told you we are getting bigger, we'll I ment our family of course and on Thursday I will tell you all about it, but for now y'all have to wait 😇🌺

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Updated: Oct 14, 2019

Hector went to USA for 11 days and I could not go with him because of school.

He went to be one of the speaker at the "Start At The Top Event, with Kane & Alessia".

We were attending their event in March last year and now Hector is partnering up with them, which is super exciting 🙌

I was cheering for him back home here in Tamarindo, but I wished so bad I was there to watch him perform & also to meet the wonderful team & inspiring people who attend these events.

Héctor also became a award winning & international best selling author after participating in the "Spirutal Fitness Survival book". He was also the only foreigner invited to participating in that book #Proudwifey 👏🥰 this is Héctor and his co-author & producer of the book.

But to be honest even if I enjoyed my alone time, I never slept so bad as I did those days that he was gone.

In fact it was the first time in 2 years that we were separated, since we had a long distance relationship for 3 years, before Hector decided to leave everything to come live with me in Norway.

I did enjoy my alone time, having the temperature high as I wanted in the house, because I always freeze. I had the whole house super cleaned with candles all around, but I still felt like something was missing.

As hubby was gone I took the time to do a juice-fast.

I attend to be kind of grumpy when I do those detox fasting things, so I did it while he was gone, so I wouldn't bothering him with my mood 😅

As I mentioned before I love juice & smoothies, and doing a juice-fast gives me so much both mentally and physically.

Even if its hard & tiring in the beginning, after a couple of days you feel energized, light and motivated to keep eating healthy.

A simple way of detoxing your body & getting new energy.

I had the chance to see the joker at the movies here in Tamarindo, and wow I loved the movie. Very tradegic and emotional but it was good, and dark just as I had imagen it would be.

I went out with some friends last Saturday, I usually don´t go out these days.

Simple because I don´t have time & I don´t enjoy it, as much as cozy up at home with a home-coked meal and Netflix.

But it was super fun, dancing all night, enjoying the people & nightlife in Tamarindo & of course ending the night with some great Pizza 😂

Today I saw a post on Facebook which was about a Crocodile here in Tamarindo.

He lives in the river (Water current) by the ocean.

As I mentioned before it is a lot of wild life here, and we have some crocodiles by the water, which is super cool if you ask me.

But this crocodile was captured by this "Crocodile man" as they call him here.

He travels around the world taking pictures of wild animals and crocodiles.

I know this man did not harm or do anything bad to this crocodile.

In fact he capture the crocodile to relocate him because some neighbor had been complaining about him.

I personally do not agree with this.

It´s the crocodiles home just as much as mine or yours.

He has the same rights to live and breath here as me.

Sometimes I think we as humans takes this earth for granted as if it was our own, but we are sharing this world with the animals of this planet as well.

I know this "Crocodile mans" intentions was not bad, I just don´t agree with it & that is my own opinion, what do you think about it?

Anyway, today is Sunday and I am going to enjoy this peaceful day by working, coking and studying some Spanish. Tomorrow is school day and back to the gym, tomorrow is abs-class.

I wish you all an amazing Sunday 💓

From yesterdays Datenight 🥰

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Hola Amigos !

Let me start by telling you how happy I have been lately. Just pure happiness and greatness. I am finally in a state where I feel motivated, thankful, passionate about life and the things I am doing. I feel like I am on the right path and everyday I am getting closer to my goals and dreams. Today is poring down rain, it is October and that means "rainy season here in Costa Rica". I know we need the rain here because its been dry and will be even more when the heat and summer starts in November, but honestly I cant wait for good weather and heat. I am actually freezing most of the time, even if it´s 25 degrees.

As I am mention before I am going to school here in Tamarindo, to learn Spanish. Its moving forward but i´m not gonna lie, its super hard. But I am having my goal to be able to do master classes & events with my husband in Spanish and that is what keeps me going 🙌

Remember how I told you so many times about Acai Bowls? Well it´s the perfect healthy snack and I am loving it

Here in Tamarindo, I found the best place to get one of those bowls.

They have everything from Smoothies, Acai & Smoothie bowls (with fresh fruits on top) & Ice Coffee.

They are called "Vida Bowl food truck" which are moving around Tamarindo selling their amazing products, they are just so cool 🤩

"Vida Bowl" is a family owned business that started July 2018.

They make 99% gluten-free & vegan granola, coconut milk and vegan-nutella.

What is absolutely fantastic about them is, they use bowls, glasses, spoons & straws that are compostable and biodegradable.

AND they offer a 15% discount if you bring your own bowl or cup, amazing concept 🙌

They offer delivery and are available for weddings, birthdays & private events.

They are at most "Farmers Markets" around Tamarindo, also they are parked in Huacas.

So if you are in the neighborhood or are visiting Tamarindo, you need to visit these guys, I promise you will love it 😄

Tonight me & Hector are having a date-night. We usually have date nights every Saturday. Where we do something fun, enjoying time together, planning, discussing our future & our goals. I think its super important to have quality time together, nurturing the relationship, planning & putting up goals for the future as a team.

I think that is one of our strong sides, making time for each other.

So tonight we are having pizza, watching "El Camino" (the continuation of Breaking Bad) &

just focusing on each other.

I also have a huge secret to tell you guys, but i am going to keep it for a little bit longer, But on the 24th of October we are getting bigger??? You have to wait just a little bit longer until I reveal the secret 💓

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