Updated: Sep 21, 2019

Hi guys 😊 Remember I told you about the market here in Tamarindo? Well I promised y'all to show you what it looks like. So, I made a V-log for y'all.

You can find the end of this post 🌺

I can start by telling you that I have started school here in Tamarindo. I am learning Spanish. I had Spanish classes from when I was 11 years old to I was 16 years old. It was an obligation in Sweden to learn a 3rd laungahed from 6th grade, which was super positive but I do not remeber much of it unfortunately. But now when I am married to a Uruguayan, then I feel it's super important for me to learn. so, I can speak his laugage and be able to speak to his family. Of course I want to do it because I really want to learn, but the reasons why, really keeps me motivated and going. I am also picturing myself in the future to be coaching together with my husband on a stage for the Latins Americans, that's one of my goals as well and I want to reach that. Now I am here, and fighting with the grammer but I know it will come a long as I keep moving forward 💪😍

The school is international and with people from all around the world, although in class they only speak Spanish, no English at all. It is hard but it's also a great way of learning.

Today I finish early at school, so I went to the pool, to study and read. I have some work I need to get done today but it can wait. I am currently laying by the pool and enjoying the sun as I'm writing this ⛱️

Later today I have a spinning class and today is also Legg-day, I will be soar tomorrow 😬

I hope y'all have an amazing day today, wherever you are in this world 🌺🌏

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Good day everyone!

I am currently editing my video for my new fiverr Gig. I have been working on the computer all day. The rainy season is seriously on right now, its been raining for days and its big thunder-storms right as I am writing this post. It is super cozy at night when its dark, cuddling up with food and just hearing the thunder. But as I am writing I can see the lightning hitting right outside and its actually a bit scary.

Anyway, we have moved into our new apartment. We picked the one on the 5th floor with the amazing view, but it´s located in the middle of town with bars and clubs, so it is a bit noisy at night. But it is fine, for that view, its worth it.

I have started to record as much as I can, to make V-logs. Bare with me though, I am new at this and its far from perfect, without amazing sound and light. I barely wear make up these days so, my morning face is real you guys, don´t get scared 😂

I am trying my best to get everything on camera, either picture or video. I am working on the market/festival video I was telling y'all about. I will upload it on Tuesday.

I am also starting my Spanish course tomorrow, so soon I will be speaking Spanish, hopefully.

These past days has been busy, working, going around town to buy things for our apartment, working out in the gym and meeting new people. A good kind of busy of course, I can´t complain about it.

Because of the rainy season I am mostly inside. Summer here in Costa Rica starts in November, I look forward to that.

For now, y'all can enjoy my video of the last couple of days, where I spotted monkeys, lizards and a little house spider I named Bernaid. For those who don´t know me to well, will found out I am naming animals I meet or see, its like my thing 😂

You will notice me and hubby are extremely goofy together and speaking like total nerds, don´t take everything we say to each other seriously.

I wish everyone an amazing day 💟

Hello you wonderful people!

We are now in Costa Rica, Tamarindo. We have found our apartment & are moving in on Wednesday. We have been around town, spotted some animals. We saw squirrels with the most beautiful tails I have ever seen, we have seen monkeys, butterflies in different colors, lizards big and small AND we saw a crocodile, 5 meter away from us. I have made a short video of the first 5 days here in Tamarindo, where you can also see the crocodile. More will for sure come. I found it much easier to film than to write, also I am working on my "stage fright" so I need to start talking more in front of the camera, obviously because I want to become a speaker so I can share my story & inspire humans across the world. So, getting out of my comfort zone is something I need to do right now 🤣

Anyway, to sum up shortly about Tamarindo: It is beautiful, people are very friendly and its super international (meaning its super touristic with people from around the world) I would describe it as very laid back, a little hippie-ish and super peaceful. You will find raw food, vegan food, organic and also a lot of international restaurants. The beach water here is blue, its rainy season so its not crystal blue, but the beach is perfect for surfing.

Also it is super expensive, right here in Tamarindo at least. Some things are even double the price as back home in Sweden, it is touristic but also, most things are imported so of course it will be expensive.

But I feel at home, mucho!! Soon I will be able to speak their language and I am so excited to learn 🌸

Have a wonderful day everyone, wherever you are in this world 💟

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