Hi Everyone !

I know its been a while and much has happened.

I went to the United States on the 17th of February, to visit my family in Texas, which I used to be and exchange student at 2009. We had so much fun, ate craw-fish, made Tiktok videos and just went around town.

I went to Las Vegas as I mentioned before, after that I went to Washington Seattle.

I signed up for a Vipassana (a 10 day meditation course) in silence, in Onalaska (2 hours away from Seattle.

I signed up online to get a shared ride with someone who would join the course as well. Paulo was my guy, he replied and let me ride with him to this retreat.

If I was scared? Yes for many things, but first of all riding with someone you never met, to get to a place you never been, crazy.

But Paulo was the best guy ever, we had so much fun and we also stopped at my favorite restaurant Chipotle (the last meal before the retreat). But to my surprise the food at this retreat was the best I have ever tried, no joking. It was all vegetarian and it was delicious, everyday!

But coming there, in the middle of absolute nowhere was an experience itself.

I made a little V-logg so you can watch it and hear about my experience:

But here was the scheduled for everyday of the course:

Also coming there there, the first day you start talking to people and get new friends but that same night you start the silence at 8 PM, then meditate for 1 hour, right after you go to bed. Then day after, the course starts.

I wish I had pictures or even videos to show, but we had no phones or any other connection to the world for these 10 days, neither could we read or write.

The scariest was coming out of silence and getting your phone back and realizing the corona virus (in only 10 days) got spread and Seattle was the worst hit city in the states and I was there.

My flight to Sweden that I was supposed to take on March 28th, I had to reschedule.

Costa Rica was about to close their boarders and I needed to change my plans to instead go back to my husband.

Instead of staying in Texas to March 27, I left Texas on the 18th of March to get back home right on time before the boarders of Costa Rica closed.

This whole world situation is crazy at the moment and I hope to go visit my family on May 6th.

Let see what happens!

I hope everyone stay safe, protected and trying to stay positive in this unfortunate situation 💗 Love to all of you 💗

Updated: Mar 3

Hello you amazing humans out there!

I have so much to tell ya´ll, but let me start with:

I am in Texas Houston, been here for 2 weeks and I´m loving it!

I am on a personal journey at the moment, trying to figure me out.

Maybe you have ever felt like me, like hey; Its time for some me time, figuring out what direction I am going, listening to my inner self and just having a good time while doing it.

So, I decided I wanted to really take some time for what I need to do and what I have been wanting to do for a a long time.

1. I went to Las Vegas 24-27th of February, all by myself.

Where I went to the 10X conference with Elena Cardone.

It was so spectacular, with great inspiring women telling their story, business strategy and just being inspiring humans.

LOVED IT, will come back for next year, for sure.

2. I am leaving tomorrow to fly to Seattle WA, to go to a Vipassana in Onalaska at the Dharma center. Basically, I will be in silence for 10 straight days and meditate 10 hours a day.

WHY? Because ever since I’ve heard about this retreat, I wanted to do it! That is 2 years ago and I always found an excuse not to do it.

So, I am finally doing it 👐

10 days of being inside of my head, no distractions, just pure me and my growth.

I am scared to death but super excited at the same time.

3. I will be in Texas with my family (my old host family, 11 years back when I was a exchange student) I try to visit them every year and now I am finally here #loveit

4. I will fly to Sweden on the 28th of March to go to a chakra-healing retreat, meet my family, take care of some business, celebrate my uncle, who turns 60 years old.

5. I will be back in my sunshine home Costa Rica in April.

I am missing the sun, my baby Zambia and my lovely husband.

Have you ever felt like you lost yourself?

I have, not once or twice but many times.

This brings me back to earth, back to me and to my inner peace of getting back on track.

Its OK not to be OK.

We are so busy in today’s society, that at times we should stop and take the time for ourselves.

What do I need, where am I going, how can I fulfill myself in the best way possibly and how can I reach my higher potential?

That’s what I am doing at the moment, taking care of me, my goals and figuring out things as I go.

A journey with other words, my journey and I am excited to be on it 😃

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Hola people, I hope your new year started fantastic 🙏🏽

I have struggled a little bit to be honest. I started the year with a cleanse from

vPhase Body Cleanse.

Its suppose to clean out your inner system in other words your intestinalst ogether with charcoal and psyllium husk powder, it will grab and force all the toxins in your body out.

I have honestly felt like a wreck.

I have been so emotionally like a roller coaster.

When doing a cleanse you can start feeling a lot of emotions, due to its been stuck in your body for so long and it needs to get out.

And there for, you can start feeling them as they leave your body.

BUT it also made me go complete RAW VEGAN (who would have thought??) (THAT YOU NEED TO DO, TO GET THE BEST RESULT FROM THIS CLEANSE.)

well I´m not going to lie, I probably will eat meat, egg, fish sometimes after this, but definitely not as often.

So, overall I have been very low, with anxiety and fighting old memories.

It is all good and apart of this, I know I will feel better after it.

Let me tell yall about yesterday, we met the Perez/Roman family (the family we are building a house for, with the help from our participants from our Mastermind.)

WE gave them a huge check where it said 10.000$ which is the amount we gathered to make their dream come true, we are finally building them a new house.

Which is the best part for me from both 2019 and my 2020.

To be able to create this change in someones life, that is an unexplained feeling, I can't even put into words.

💓 And thanks to all the people who made this Possible:

My Dear Husband Hector Rodriguez Curbelo

Karen Drosnes

Obom & Ana Bowen

Jennifer Tubens

Olga Tubens

Lori Crosby

Taneka Clayborn

Susan Fox

Vladislav Stefanov

Victor Siu

David Tran

Nicholas Hopkins

Niclaes Gustavssen

Sean Son

These wonderful people made this all possible: THANK YOU 💓

Also a big THANK, to the amazing organisation:

Conectando Corazones de Santa Rosa

founded and created by Alexus Barnes & Francisco Chaves 🙏🏽

Karen (one of Hector new students, she was also a participant of the 2019 Big Mastermind) She just left our house and it's so empty now, I really think she has so much to give to this world, and her energy are incredible, she makes me calm. We will also be planning our Women Empowerment Mastermind for this September. This is something you do not want to miss. If you have a business and want to 10X it, this is the place. Also mentally and spiritually growing. Networking with other powerful and successful woman from around the world, this will be the biggest and most exclusive events of the year, I guarantee you would want to be here. You will also stay at our Big Mansion here in Costa Rica, with a personal chef and so many surprises & activity's. I will show you the exact dates and put up the link to apply very soon.

Its time for me to go to bed, I am exhausted to be honest, good night everyone 💓

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