What is a Mastermind Retreats?
In short:
A group of individuals coming together to learn from each other, from experts, and create a community of which will develop you personally, business & spirituality wise. 
We created this concept in different categories, to go deep in each area, to have you as a participant, get the absolute best experience and training there is, from the best experts, coaches, mentors, and leaders on the market.
 I together with my husband Hector Rodriguez Curbelo create and host Millionaires Mastermind Retreats.
We do these retreats 5-7 times a year, in an incredible mansion in Tamarindo Costa Rica. 
It´s an all-inclusive retreat, with a personal chef, instructors,  trainers, and experts from around the world.
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About Me
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I am Scandinavia's #1 Transformational Confident Coach, Millionaire Mastermind Creator, Best Selling Author & Award Winner

Of The  "Kristallen Award" For Best Documentary "Say Something" About My Life,  Surviving Domestic Violence. 

I help women Rebuild Their Life. 

By reprograming their paradigms, overcome their false inner beliefs, step into their full potential & create the life of their dreams. 

Through 1:1 coaching, Mentorship Programs, Courses & Mastermind Retreats.

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