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28 Years Old

Hola chicos !!!

All the way from Tamarindo Costa Rica, here I am after my 28th birthday, where me and hubby spend all day having fun together, just him and I, as I requested. I got woken up with breakfast in bed, a big fat cake slice (which was the first thing I ate with sugar since new years)

Oh boooooy it was good, but immediately I felt sick, tired and with no energy. I better stick with no sugar diet, for sure.

After the amazing breakfast we went to the beach and followed by sunset and dinner on the beach. Later on we spend the night in bed playing PS4, a perfect birthday if you ask me.

Today is Sunday, I´ll started as always: Short yoga/stretch in the morning, followed by meditation and then my big breakfast: Oats with 3 dates and almond milk + 2 cups of coffee.

I think I have not mention to y'all, but when I was in Canada I got the opportunity to meet Dr George Grant.

This man did a test on me called: Quantum Resonance Biofeedback. You can read more about it on his website:

Basically I hold a metal stick for 1 minute in my hand, then he could see everything that was lacking in my body, blood, and vitamins.

I was healthy as an athlete he said, but I eat to much sugar ??!!

What ? I don't even eat sugar, I am sugar free COMPLETELY, at least from refined sugar. But he asked me if I eat fruits….

oh yes, I live on fruits, almost everyday.

He said that was the worst thing I could do, that is really bad, it is to much sugar in fruit and he told me that diabetes is highest in tropical countries where they naturally have a lot of growing fruits. So, maybe I was not as healthy as I thought.

I try though, I really do. I eat everything natural, which means, what I cook from scratch.

I don't eat rice, potatoes, pasta or bread. I do eat some sweet potatoes, but very rare.

My food basically involves, salad, all types of them, maximum 2 fruits a day (now after Dr Grant told me about my sugar levels). I love eggs (I eat up to 6 a day) oats, chia pudding, some turkey or chicken and a lot of fish/seafood.

I do not like sauce that much, if I want sauce I make my own tomato sauce, with basil, garlic and onion.

Of course I eat a pizza or a hamburger sometimes, I also eat way to much acai bowls, that Dr Grant would be scared if he knew how much I eat 🙈.

ohh and I don't drink dairy, I only drink soy or almond/coconut milk.

Mainly because that is what I like, I simply think it taste better.

Of course, I don't drink sodas, alcohol or any “fake/diet drinks” that helps as well, to keep me being healthy.

But anyhow, I wanted to tell ya´ll about our "Mastermind" that we are holding this December here in Costa Rica (13-17 of December).

I am so excited about this, normally me and Hector travels around Central/south america for his tour of “Se El Jefe”, this we do at least once a year.

This time we wanted to create the Mastermind here in Costa Rica, instead and let the people come here, so we give them a unforgettable experience.

To start by saying that we have contacted the most exclusive and inspiring coaches & mentors from around the world, to come and be apart of this Mastermind.

Not only will they teach you their secret to success and how they made it to the TOP.

But they will teach you how they live, think and believe to get where they are today.

That alone is just worth buying a ticket.

To get to the top you need to surround yourself with people who have done it before you.

Apart from that we will have an all inclusive experience, with a personal chef, yoga teacher, fitness trainer and guided meditation, everyday & so so much more !

At this Mastermind we will together live in this amazing mansion here in Costa Rica, enjoying the view, the pool and go together on some unforgettable activities.

These types of "Masterminds", we will host here in Costa Rica all next year, so if you are interested as an expert or as a participant, please feel free to contact me here.... or on my social media.

You do not want to miss an opportunity to grow, build and 10X your business !

Have a lovely Sunday everyone, its time to make some food 🙈 #Haaaangry


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