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Are We Having A Baby ?

Updated: Sep 20, 2018

Many People often ask me if we are going to have a baby soon.

Mainly because now we got married &” settled down".

But to be honest we have not settled down just because we got married.

We just basically signed up to be with each other for life, and to make everything easier when we buy a house & so on.

We are travelers, we are on the move all the time, because it´s our passion.

We have not bought a house yet, mainly because we don’t know which country we want to live in.

We want to see the world, build an empire together & of course we want to be "just us" for a bit longer.

But I will not lie, I get that feeling of having a baby, and I tell my husband “I want to be pregnant, so you can talk to my belly and feed me chocolate “.
I do think it´s a natural thing for a woman to feel those things. We are built to carry a baby. So, it’s understandable that you would feel that way.

But then I realize I am not going to be the mother I want to be right now.

What kind of mother do I want to be you might think?

Well to start of with, I want to be a “work from home mom" LOL so I am working on that now.

I also need to grow within myself, fight my demons and become the best version of Isabell, I possibly can be.

Mainly for myself but also for my husband and for my future children.

I know that the right time will never come, and you will never be the perfect you, because you never stop growing, learning and change.

But right now, I have other priorities than becoming a mom.

So, today I will tell all of you; NO, we are not going to have a baby anytime soon.

I also feel I have my youth once and right now, building my own business it’s what excites me more.

I am 26 years old and I'd rather live and work myself up now than later in life.

And if anyone believes, I will be an “old mom” then it would be my responsibility to be a young mom (if you know what I mean here).

You know all those things you have control of? If I train, taking care of myself,have my own thing, so I can relax and work from home.

I can guarantee you, I won’t be an old mom. In fact, if you are 80 and you took care of yourself, you might be 80 years old, but your body and heart feels liare ke 50.

So, it’s up to you how you define old and young.

I don’t see a problem with waiting neither should you, if you are considering it.

All I know, the day I decide to have a baby, I know I will be in the right position and ready (or at least prepared).


I do not mean to offend someone or anything, the picture is a joke and these are just my thoughts. Remeber people we all think different and we all have a voice, use it, comment, let me know your thoughts 🤗

Those are my thoughts and answers for today.

Have a good night you all 😘


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