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Back To Routines

Good morning, I woke up in a really good mood today, sun is shining, and I am so ready to get back to my routines. Usually I have the worst morning mood one could ever have. My husband always stays in bed while I get up and prepare breakfast for us both. We eat and after I have a sip of my magical coffee we start talking and plan the day.

Routines for me are so important, I need it to keep my balance. To keep myself on track. I need my same old breakfast which is oatmeal with milk and then my coffee of like 1 liter. Then I need gym, to keep my mind and body in shape. I get a lot of motivation at the gym. In fact, there is where all my ideas come from. Is like I get this hype from it. I can be in whatever mood arriving there but when I leave I am always happy, motivated and in peace. Today will be a work day also, I work with shopify right now and learning all the skills I can, I also have a mentor that guides me to where I want to be. I will today have a meeting with him to see how I can grow my Business.

Other then that I will give myself the time to take a long walk and listening to my eBook I just started. It’s about people with a sensitive mind. I am listening in Swedish and the book name is: Drunkna inte I dina känslor. (don’t drown in your emotions) which is a book I highly recommend for those who are a bit sensitive and want to learn how to accept and learn about it.


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