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Cancun Is Amazing

Hey guys

I now made the video of Mexico City. I must say its kind of little material due too I was only there 24 hours. So, it’s a short one with most of the content from the hotel 😅 BUT the hotel was so beautiful I must say, and the food was so good.

I am in Cancun now and WOW it is just paradise. Some of the pictures look like it’s a postcard. I am amazed. I have really started to be relaxed and my anxiety has flown out the window, if you know what I mean.

I needed to get away and just do absolutely nothing but relax and eat amazing food. I love spicy food so Mexican food is perfect for me.

The ocean here is just clear blue and today we visit Isla Mujeres. We went on a catamaran and we snorkeled and saw an underwater “museum”.

Videos will be in my Cancun video which I will put up on Friday. The hotel here is so beautiful and big.

When we first arrived, we got a room on the other side of the hotel, “the old part”. Without a ocean view witch we payed for. It was a huge disappointment and the room looked like a room from the 1922. So, my little husband fixed it, so we got the right room.

We booked the hotel at and its seems like the pictures of the rooms were misleading and all the same. So, the room we got was not the one in the pictures.

But the guy in the reception was kind and helped us to figure everything out.

Anyway, the room we have today is perfect.

Its time to go to bed now, both me and my husband look like 2 tomatoes, we got a bad sunburn 😂

Goodnight everyone