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Christmas Eve & PS4 Games

Merry Christmas still, we had a calm and cozy Christmas. I gave Hector (my husband) a handmade love-jar filled with LOVE-notes. He loved it and was super surprised I actually made 365 notes. He got surprised and thought the gift was super creative. It made me super happy, because I put a lot of energy into it.

He did not make anything which we agreed on to do this Christmas. Instead he gave me a Teddy bear but a bunny one. Picture below. He also gave me some stress balls which I can use when I get stressed. I am super happy with my gifts. It came in right time. It might sound silly, but I love "Teddy´s" especially big ones. I also have troubles sleeping sometimes. I usually go to bed before my husband because he is up working. For me its hard falling asleep without him so he bought me a buddy I can hug tight at night. I might be a little needy sometimes, no shame in that.

But Christmas was spend with my loved ones and we basically watch Donald duck ( Swedish tradition). We ate good food and so much candy and bread 😂 Then we spend the whole night playing PS4 & VR games. Best Christmas ever.

New years is coming up and were going to celebrate it at home together with my family and cousin. Good food and a lot of games, knowledge is power is my favorite family game on PS4 and PSVR “until dawn, Rush of Blood”.

But I get easily dizzy of "Rush of blood" game, but most VR games does make you dizzy if you sit down for a long time.

If you have any games of suggestions for new year’s eve that we can play on PS4, please help a girl out 😀

I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas and I wish everyone a nice evening ❤️

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