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Christmas In Sweden

Merry Christmas people 🎅

Christmas is almost here and we have snow, a lot of it.

It looks beautiful here in Stockholm. I hope it last all the way to Christmas.

I must say that this is the first year I have not stressed a single day before Christmas.

Usually I stress around buying ridiculous amount of gifts to everyone and trying to beat the gifts of last year.

This is Christmas 2 years ago & that was the most stressful Christmas preparing all these presents! But also a lovely one as well
This is Christmas 2 years ago & that was the most stressful Christmas preparing all these presents! But also a lovely one as well

This year me and Hector decided not to buy anything at all. Instead we decided, that this year we will make something personal for each other. I absolutely love the idea.

We don’t have any kids. So for us, just spending the whole day together, playing video games, eating good food is more than enough.

When I was little Christmas was all about the Christmas gifts. I really would not have enjoyed it without it, but again I was young.

I want it to be about something more today. For me it´s about making the rooms feel cozy, enjoying good food and just have FUN.

I am going to give Hector a handmade "love note-jar". With small notes for the whole year. 365 small notes with cute small reminders, like: you an amazing lover, you’re an inspiration, I trust you, you rock those pants because you have the greatest bum I have ever seen.

Some of the things I have written. (I can tell you this, because he does not read my blog) 😁

Something like this

I am going to bake “saffransbullar” tomorrow. Lovely buns with Saffron in them, I put vanilla frosting inside of them and they taste amazing.

Something I do every year is my favorite bread “sifted rye-flour bread" (the only translation I could find) ! In Swedish they are called “rågsiktsbröd”.

I do love cooking and baking. But I am not a fan of Swedish Christmas food, to be honest.

Traditional Christmas food would be like: “sill” which is herring in different variants of liquid sauce. We often have a big fat ham that I never eat, I prefer turkey. I’m considering making that instead this year. We have Swedish meatballs and “prins korv”, english translation is "prince sausage". It is a small Swedish sausage which is often sold in links. Then we have a typical Swedish dish called “Janssons frestelse” is a traditional Swedish casserole made of potatoes, onions, anchovies, bread crumbs and cream.

You can also find red beet salad on our tables.

Then we eat egg half’s with mayonnaise and fish-eggs or shrimps.

To all this we have bread, potatoes and variant of sauces like rom-sauce.

Of course, we all have different types of food, but usually this is what our traditional Christmas food looks like.

If I could choose I would rather eat Thai food 😁I find it hard eating on Christmas, because I am super picky and do not eat much on the Christmas table.

This year I will prepare something else for me to eat.

I will make the typical Christmas food, so Hector can eat it. I want him to experience it and he does love a lot of the food at Christmas. He is not picky as me, he eats everything basically.

I have not yet made up my mind of what I am going to wear this year. Past years I worn something like this:

This year I might use a basic red dress.

I hope everyone enjoy their days before Christmas, take the time to relax and not stress to much. After all Christmas is a holiday for family and friends to come together and have a beautiful time.

Its easy to forget what its all about when your surrounded by so much pressure of making it perfect and find the perfect gifts ❤️


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