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Fasting For 5 Days

Good evening everyone🌏

First of all, I want to wish everyone a happy new year.

2019 started with a hospital visit, January 1th. Nothing major. I started to feel pain in my left side chest area (under my left breast) a couple of weeks ago but it got worst during New Year’s Eve. My first Thought was maybe it could be something wrong with my implant, but it turned out to be a chest inflammation. That made me relieved and today I feel much better. I rather be sure than not know, so both me and Hector felt like going to the hospital was for the best.

Our New years eve was spend with family. Kim (my cousin) and her daughter Wera. My big brother, mother and my niece Michelle.

We played some games and ate delicious food. No alcohol and a lot of fireworks 🙌

I started 2019 with a 5 day long fasting with only water. I wanted to do this mainly because I wanted to “clean out the system”. I also wanted to prove to myself that I could do it. First day was the worst, it went by so slow. I got a huge migraine as well which made me vomit. The rest of the days was easily then I expected, but I will not lie; It was super hard. I was super hungry and fantasied about food all day long. I did not want to push my body to hard, so I did not go to the gym at all during this time.

Today I eat mostly fresh salads with chicken, fish or meat. I try to drink 2 smoothies made from berries, fruit, nuts, oat-milk and dates. I decided to stop eating sugar this year, mainly because I over ate so much last year. I think my body would be thankful for less sugar consuming. Also, I intend to get very hocked on sugar when I first start eating it.

It’s like a drug for me. I can not eat one piece of chocolate, I want it all and then I even want more. For me it is a bad spiral eating “sugar”. Which for me stands for: candy, cookies, cakes, ice creams. I never been a fan of sodas, that is something I don’t have to cut out, because I never drink it anyway.

Every year I make up small and big goals for the coming year. Mostly because I love challenges and I always want something to strive for. But I don’t have to wait for the new years eve to write those lists, I do it all year around. But when it comes to eating healthy and changing habits its fun to start from day 1 of the new year. To be honest it has always worked for me. This year I will start eating more variety of food, less processed food, more clean and natural food. More vegetable and fruit. I have been eating the same thing every day; chicken, rice and broccoli for the past 2,5 years. Of course, I have had “cheatmeals” and periods where I have been eating bad, during these 2,5 years. Also, here is where the candy comes in again. If I cheat on my “food preps” (basically chicken, rice and broccoli) for like a weekend, it becomes easier for me to get into a bad spiral of “bad eating” habits. One weekend leads to a week and a week becomes a month of eating candy each day, then I am stuck. Cutting candy off completely might be extreme, but for me that is the only option. At least for now.

How did your 2019 start? Do you have any new year’s goal or resolutions?

I wish all of you a great week ❤


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