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Got Invited To A Second Event And To Belgium!

Good evening everyone 😁

I have now arrived back from London. I got to meet so many inspiring people and I even got invited to an extra event.

I went to the Global Author Award on Saturday. An event for Authors and for people who are nominated for their book. I am currently writing my own book, so I wanted to go there to meet people who have done it already.

And I met so many people. I got inspired and got to meet so many people that I will for sure have contact with in the future.

I also got invited to Belgium by an amazing woman. So, on the 16th of December I will travel to Belgium to attend a Global Woman Event.

On Saturday at the Global Authors award I met a woman who invited me to an event on Sunday morning. It was called “how to build you business”.

I love these kinds of events.

Not only do you get to meet super smart people and hear inspiring speeches.

But you also get the opportunity to connect with the right people, with the same mindset as you. Maybe you found somebody to collaborate with or get the chance to buy one of their courses.

You will always get something good from these Events and get you further ahead in the right direction.

I also feel I grow like "2 meters" every time I go to one of these event.

I mean, you get out of your comfort zone and get to meet new people who probably can teach you one or two things that you did not know before you went.

And if not so, at least you can teach somebody something.

I got to spend like 6 hours going around in London downtown, which this time of the year is so gorgeous with lights and Christmas decorations.

This is some of the pictures I got from down Town London 😁

I am now going to take the night off and watch a movie 😁


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