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Got Scammed In Cancun!?

God evening everyone, I am so burned. I am a tomato splashed ketchup, no kidding.

But It’s absolutely amazing here at Emporio hotel Cancun. Everything from the weather to the food has really been great.

Hotel breakfast is the best

And yes I finished it all

Today I have done nothing but laying by the pool, ate good food and swam like little Nemo. That’s what you need to do, take care of yourself and try to live in the present.

Tomorrow we will go on a second boat trip to swim with whale sharks. I am really excited, and they are wild ones of course so no animal cruelty.

Today hector (my husband) checked our bank account and it seemed like the hotel charge us twice back in Mexico city. whaaaaat!! Me as a little stress mashine is freaking out 😂

- Nooo, baby we got scammed.

He just looks at me, like

- no honey is a 5-star hotel, it must have been a misunderstanding.

Hector is always the calm one in this relationship and I am always the one freaking out.

Running down to the lobby to make a call to the previous hotel in Mexico city. Back and forth with the hotel and the bank and finally we got an answer.

It seemed like the hotel is holding a payment when you arrive in case of something broke or if you would not pay. But it was charge twice.

So, the bank just holding those money and we will get them back in 3-5 days.

So, we did not get scammed, but I was so sure that we were, as usually my little brain thinks the worst in those situations. I need to get better at that.

I will go to the gym now, hope everyone have a great evening, its 18.00 o’clock here so I have the rest of the night just relax 😊