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Happy New Year

Guys can you imagine that we are stepping into the 2020´s? It feels like it was yesterday we steeped in to the 2000´s and everyone was worried. I was only 9 years old but that "New Years" I remember so clearly. It was like this huge thing, and no one really knew what was going to happen. It all went well but fast, and poof I am 20 years older, sitting here in my home in Costa Rica, feeling super happy and grateful.

Time flies when you have fun, huh?

Anyway, I am sitting here writing as Zambia is next to me sleeping, my husband is on the other side working while I am sipping on my tea.

I can hear the sound from the bars downstairs even though its not late.

But Tamarindo is in its high season, it is a Party town and we live in the heart of it.

I just realized I have had the blog for a little bit over 1 year now, which has been amazing. Many blog-post have been published, some are still in the archive and some were never written.

Next year I will step up the game and make more post and a little bit more frequently.

2019 has been an incredible year, totally awesome.

I have learned so much, steeped out of my comfort zone, grown and investments has been made a lot this year.

I am extremely thankful to myself that I invested in a mentorship program 500.000 KR, for myself, which have improved my life immensely. I invested more than 1 million kr in myself this year, for my future and for my dreams. That was a huge step for me, but I am so glad I did, it payed off well.

I have visit 10 countries so far this year, made beautiful memories with my husband and we got bigger as a family, when we adopted our baby pup Zambia.

We also moved from Sweden to Costa Rica, where I am currently learning Spanish.

I published my first book this year and I got an award for it.

My podcast has been published and you can find it HERE

Yes, this year has been far one of the best years of my life.

I feel so much greatness, peace and love within myself.

I have met inspiring people, with hunger for growth and the urge to help and lift other people up. They have thought me so many things on my own journey of growth.

This year has been an eye opening year, filled with lessons and beautiful moments.

I had to take some serious decisions this years, take chances I never thought I would take.

Was I scared?

Oh heck yes I was, so many nights I was awake, wondering if I made the right decision, can I make it? But for each time I kept pushing through, the stronger I got and the more i did accomplish.

I look back at this year as a huge accomplished year, thankful for trusting my own intuition.

Moving past my own fear, to jump out of my comfort zone, not one or 2 times, but a bunch of them.

I used to be afraid of "being proud of myself" scared people would think I was bragging. Not anymore.

1st of all, anyone who thinks I am bragging, let them.

Only small minded people looks at other peoples success, saying they bragging.

2. We are thought at a very young age, not to think too highly of ourselves (especially if you come from Sweden and the Janteloven, is the main rule")

3. I have been in a war with myself for years, I did not lose or win, simply I resigned my guard, made peace and moved on with my life. To fully become happy and in peace with the world around me.

4. I am proud to be proud of myself, so many people never get to acknowledge that feeling and that is sad I think. We should love ourselves more and be proud of who we are, who we want to be and who we were to become, what we are today.

5. Not many people will be proud or acknowledged our accomplishments, so we might as well do that for ourselves. It's important for our self esteem and to love ourselves.

Celebrate with yourself, you should be your own best friend not the enemy.

Life is to short anyway.

Anyhow, next year I want to be able to speak Spanish fluent, getting my brand and my company more successful than this year.

Run our masterminds just as well if not even better for next year.

Also, growing, my goal for next year is to read minimum 2 books a month, doing some long distance courses online, that I´ve got my eyes on.

So, I can teach more of the knowledge I have, to the people who needs it.

Next year my second book (Co-authoring Book), "Spiritual Fitness Surviver 2" is coming out and me and Hector are flying to Philadelphia, to the book launch on January 5th.

Next year I will also visit Sweden for the summer and have my family coming to visit Costa Rica, of course I want to create more memories together with Zambia and our family's.

The end of next year, we will finish off in either Thailand, Indonesia or Philippines.

I have already put it out to the universe, manifest it, in my head and I am making it a reality.

Next year's mission will be to practice yoga more, become better and take some real good classes, get more knowledge about healthy food recipes (I want to learn more about vegan food).

Practice to live in my full potential and love myself even more than I do today.

I will continue being the best support for my husband and next year we will be even stronger as a team, for sure.

The best part about all of this is whatever I want, I can accomplish.

I just need to work hard, stay consistent, practice and believe it to achieve it.

That is what I am doing for next year 🙏

What are you going to do? what is you goal and what do want to become better at?

I hope y'all have had a beautiful year to look back on and that your goals and dreams, will be reached in no time .

Stay consist and follow your inner guidance, make your dreams a reality and love yourself a little bit harder 2020 💗


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