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Have You Ever Felt Like You Lost Yourself?

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

Hello you amazing humans out there!

I have so much to tell ya´ll, but let me start with:

I am in Texas Houston, been here for 2 weeks and I´m loving it!

I am on a personal journey at the moment, trying to figure me out.

Maybe you have ever felt like me, like hey; Its time for some me time, figuring out what direction I am going, listening to my inner self and just having a good time while doing it.

So, I decided I wanted to really take some time for what I need to do and what I have been wanting to do for a a long time.

1. I went to Las Vegas 24-27th of February, all by myself.

Where I went to the 10X conference with Elena Cardone.

It was so spectacular, with great inspiring women telling their story, business strategy and just being inspiring humans.

LOVED IT, will come back for next year, for sure.

2. I am leaving tomorrow to fly to Seattle WA, to go to a Vipassana in Onalaska at the Dharma center. Basically, I will be in silence for 10 straight days and meditate 10 hours a day.

WHY? Because ever since I’ve heard about this retreat, I wanted to do it! That is 2 years ago and I always found an excuse not to do it.

So, I am finally doing it 👐

10 days of being inside of my head, no distractions, just pure me and my growth.

I am scared to death but super excited at the same time.

3. I will be in Texas with my family (my old host family, 11 years back when I was a exchange student) I try to visit them every year and now I am finally here #loveit

4. I will fly to Sweden on the 28th of March to go to a chakra-healing retreat, meet my family, take care of some business, celebrate my uncle, who turns 60 years old.

5. I will be back in my sunshine home Costa Rica in April.

I am missing the sun, my baby Zambia and my lovely husband.

Have you ever felt like you lost yourself?

I have, not once or twice but many times.

This brings me back to earth, back to me and to my inner peace of getting back on track.

Its OK not to be OK.

We are so busy in today’s society, that at times we should stop and take the time for ourselves.

What do I need, where am I going, how can I fulfill myself in the best way possibly and how can I reach my higher potential?

That’s what I am doing at the moment, taking care of me, my goals and figuring out things as I go.

A journey with other words, my journey and I am excited to be on it 😃


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