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Christmas & Mastermind Retreats

Updated: Jul 4, 2020

Hi everyone!

Its been a busy, challenge but one of the most inspiring weeks of my life.

Let me start by wish everyone a happy, peaceful Christmas 🎅

Now let me tell you about our Mastermind "Se El Jefe" which in Spanish means Be The Boss.

Me and my husband have planed this Mastermind for 2 months. That was a short time but it turned out absolutely amazing. Hector (my husband) does his event "Se El Jefe Tours" each year, around the world.

This year we wanted to create it here in Costa Rica where we live, to give everyone an extraordinary experience.

If you never attended a Mastermind here is some reasons why?!

1. You meet like minded people who wants to grow, mentally, spiritually and financially.

2. You might find your new business partner or new contacts for your business.

3. YOU WILL HAVE BREAKTHROUGHS. With that I mean, you will open up, talk about your inner struggles/business struggles. Get the tools, advice and inspiration from experts who have been there before you and who can get you the help you need, to move forward.

4. Brainstorming and collecting new ideas

5. Education

6. Group support

7. Improving personal skills

8. Improving business skills

9. Amazing videos & photos for your personal image/business branding.

10. Enjoying an amazing location, we have ours in the Caribbean, but Masterminds can be held anywhere.


We had 15 people attending, hungry for knowledge and we all enjoyed it to the fullest.

We had 3 experts flying in, to teach in their expertise.

This is one of the special things about our Mastermind.

We bring 3-5 experts from around the world to teach in their special area, so our attendees gets the best from each one of them.

Also, we have different categories of Masterminds, this one was "High End Business Training".

Anyway we had a blessed! But don´t get this confused with a vacation, many people might think it is but its not.

This is a 5 day "hard work training"- of early mornings and late nights, days filled with knowledge and activities to keep the attendees fully motivated and inspired.

A typical day of our Mastermind:

We started every morning with meditation 06.30, afterwards we had either yoga or our own fitness trainer coming to our house to give us a fitness-class.

Breakfast-buffet was served when we were done by our own personal chef.

After that we had one of the coaches giving a class, having a small break for lunch to later on have another expert teaching or we had a group activity. We always ended it by having a "Round-Table", where the experts addressed the attendees pressing issues and problems regarding their personal life or business. Giving them ideas, strategies-solutions to move forward.

After that we had dinner around 8 PM, served by our amazing chef.

I would say we all were super tired after dinner, but usually we enjoyed the hot Jacuzzi talking and then we went to bed.

Day 4 of the Mastermind, we always have activity day (well for 4 hours, to make sure we have time for classes afterwards)

This time we went for a adventure with dune buggies and went to a beautiful beach. Everything at our Mastermind is all inclusive, that way attendees can relax and take in all the knowledge, without worrying about a thing.

We always have a photographer and a videographer, so we get everything we want on film.

Apart from that, we have massage-services and personal branding videos & photo shoots.

To be honest I enjoy my "work" so much, this is what makes me want to get up in the morning. Meeting new people, teach, inspire, of course get more knowledge and together change the world.

Last day of the "Mastermind" is the VIP-day, where we went for a yacht experience.

Man that was fun, with yet-ski´s, food, drinks and music.

So, after all this was a incredible experience for us and for the people attending.

Me and Héctor also celebrated our 2 year anniversary, time just fly's by. We have now been married for 2 years 😍

Want to join our next Mastermind of 2020?

Reach out to me on my social media or my email:

We will have 8 Masteminds next year, in different categories: Woman Impowerment, Health & Fitness, High End Msterminds.

Start by attending one of our Masterminds.... with the help from the right experts, meeting the right people/ future partners, getting the tools, the right mindset & inspiration to get started towards your goals.

Merry Christmas all of you 🎄

Its time for some family time now here in Tamarindo Costa Rica 💕


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