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How Traveling Changed My Life

How traveling changed my life?

Well to begin with, that taught me how to stay focused and set up a goal and go for it, that’s how I started it all.

GOAL: To travel around the world.

I worked at 4 different jobs, sometimes I had to stay and sleep at one work to wake up and go to the next. That’s how I worked hard for 1 year straight, basically I had no life just work.

But it was worth it, all those working hours were worth every second at that world tour I saved up for.

I knew I had found my passion for traveling, when I was 15 years old and left Sweden for the first time to go to Thailand. I started to travel more and more often just by myself. But This world tour I saved for, really changed my life.

I went to 3 continents; 23 countries and I would say I came back as a different Isabell. A much bigger Isabell who had gained 30 kilos but gained so much more experience. I started off in Africa, touched town in Kenya and that’s how I started my African tour.







South Africa

No idea of what I was doing in the beginning, I just knew I needed to see the world, change and grow. So, I wanted to be free and experience something that for me was like the unknown. I packed like I just needed to survive so every picture I have is like the same shirt or dress all over again, I mean come on, you’re a backpacker, right? I met so many people throughout this journey, most of them taught me something, some were people I would come to have in my life forever. So, there in Nairobi my little adventure started, and I was terrified, but I couldn’t let that stop me from what I needed to do. I also traveled by myself but to be honest I was never alone, maybe inside because I had to deal with some things myself, but I always met people wherever I went.

So now to the part where it really changed my life. I mean the whole trip did, every second of the day did, but this came to change my life forever.

There I was in Livingstone (Zambia) ready to jump off a bridge, ready to be tangled up in a rope by my legs, scared to death but I wanted the adrenaline rush so no turning back. But at that specific place that very same time this amazingly good-looking human sits at the same table as me as I’m waiting for my turn to get to that bridge and jump. No words were said, but I just stared at him and couldn’t keep my eyes away from him <freak>. I just couldn’t get him of my sight. Anyway, I went to jump and when I came back he was gone.

No Good looking man around, he left

2 days later I went to a random restaurant with a group of friends and suddenly the same amazingly good-looking human crossed me on his way out from that restaurant. “Him again” what are the odds? As he passes me we just stare at each other and I’m like, hey man say something…. And he keeps walking out, and as he crosses the street, he turns back; looks at me and starts to walk back in to the restaurant and confronts me with a “HI I am Héctor…”

That my friends is how I first spoke to my beloved husband. Life change in seconds and life leads you to the most inconvenient roads and paths you never thought were possible. Well, my life has always been like a crazy roller-coaster, good and bad, either way it always taught me something in return. I took all those lessons and I am trying to create something good out of them. If I didn’t choose to work my ass off and go in the first place, or if I hadn’t chosen to jump I wouldn’t have met him. I do believe things happens for a reason and if they don’t, MAKE THEM HAPPEN

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