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My Book Is Finally Ready

Well good morning everyone 🌺

I woke up feeling so excited for this week, I have so many things going on. Me and Héctor are planing for many things to come. One of the are our Mastermind here I Cosa Rica (I will make a post about that this week).

The view from the house, we are having our "Mastermind"

Today is school day and I am awake here in my bed, 1 hr earlier than I was suppose to wake up. so, I wanted to take the time to write a short post.

This weekend was really good, I got so many things done and also I visit the beach, even if it was only 1 hr because then it started to rain. Because of the rainy season I don't go that ogetne, mainly because it rains almost all the time. And got to get my ACAÍ Bowl from @vidabowls_foodtruck_cr 🙌

Other from that I have been working on my website for my coaching, which is going to be updated very soon.

Next week I will also fly to Canada, for the launch of my book. I CAN FINALLY SAY MY BOOK IS READY : Isabell Then & Now 😍🙏 I have been working so hard on it. Many tears was shared and many late nights, doubts but also so much happiness is put into that book.

I am so proud of myself, it took me almost a year from the first idea of writing a book to putting in all into work, and now I (almost) have it in my hand 🌺

Remember I told you we are getting bigger, we'll I ment our family of course and on Thursday I will tell you all about it, but for now y'all have to wait 😇🌺


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