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I Lost Control When Going To Santa Marta

Good evening everyone. I am now in Santa Marta, Colombia.

The flight here was only 1 hour and 20 min from Bogota.

I must say I lost control over my emotions on the plane and it was horrible.

I had so much anxiety and I could not breath. I think it all started when we were on the runway and something was sounding so badly. Paranoid as I am, I really thought at the moment that it was something mechanic. So, I guess that started the whole anxious and hysterical thinking.

When the smallest noise or the slightest turbulence appears it makes me so scared and paranoid, I get these thoughts of "now we are crashing", "Im gonna dye","I want to get off NOW".

We made it to the ground and I just felt so ashamed. I know I should not, it’s my fear and I just react to my emotions. I can control it, I just have a really hard time to actually do it.

This is when we land, right by the beach 😃

Anyway, this hotel we stay at, is right on the beach, with a beautiful pool and a mall right across the street.

I love it already, we are going to be here in Santa Marta for 11 nights and then we will head over to Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Right now, I’m in bed having ice age 2 in the background. Me and Hector are both working with each computer. I am also planning a trip over to a place, called Cristal beach. Which is supposed to be amazing and the water is clear as a pool.

It’s also near Tayrona national natural park. I will make sure to take a lot of pictures and record videos.

I will now enjoy the rest of the evening, have a great night everyone 😃


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