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I Won An Award In Canada

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

Hello Ya´ll!

I have so much to tell all of you. Let me start to tell you I traveled Friday morning to Toronto Canada to have my book release.

The flight went very well and I slept almost the whole way. I transferred through United States, and it's always a challenge doing that, long lines to the boarder control and than new security. With all respect & I do understand why and it's for protection and so on, but for a passenger who just want to reach their destination, its really just time consuming.

Anyhow, I arrived late at night due to my ride and dear friend Laurie, who was an angel and picked me up, got lost and drove me to the wrong hotel by mistake. Well we both learned a lesson, the address to the hotel had 2 identical addresses except one was east and the other one west and we went to the east while the one address on the west side, was my hotel. It was 1 hour in between this addresses, so in total 2 hours on the road, but it got me to see some of Toronto though 😂 well I finally arrived and I enjoyed a long bubble bath.

The next day was the day of my book launch where I met super amazing and inspiring authors from around the world at the: "Global Authors Award". Which I attended exactly a year ago, where I find my inner mission to write my own book to continue telling my story with my own words. It took me exactly 1 year to get an idea, set a goal and taking action to reach what I was striving for. And for all my hard work I got an Award for my Book "Isabell Then & Now" . I feel so honored but also super, incredible proud of myself.


Many times through my journey I wanted to quite and while I was writing I was crying out loud and it was super hard. While I was up on stage receiving my award I broke down in tears (you know one of them hysterical ugly cry?) but deep inside I was just so proud and happy of myself.

You can find my book here:

It was super emotional putting my life-story into words and experience the feeling that came out from it along the way. But in the end of the day, I had a mission. To inspire other girls and woman all around the world. Who have ever experienced trauma, who have or are experiencing the feeling of being alone, confused, insecure but who knows deep inside they want to move forward with their lifes and to change their life for the better. I wanted to make a statement: that nothing, absolutely nothing is impossible if you really want it, you can have it. If you work hard for it of course, nothing comes for free. And if it does, always be a "lill bit skeptical".

Well, receiving that award meant so much for me, it was a proof that I am on the right way. Also that I have come so far, from my past I once thought was my future.

I made a decision back then, to change it and I did.

The book event was recorded and I am waiting for the film so I can upload it here, so y'all can experience it with me.

Second thing, why I was in Toronto was because of business. I got invited by Dr Obom Bowen himself and his SEO Fasana (my mirror, if you ask me, spiritually we are just the same person) to come join the OB mastermind.

I am now partnering up with a bunch of beautiful, powerful, strong and incredible goddess women from around the world.

We are on a mission to create a platform where people can grow together, mentally, physically, financially and spiritually together. Where we get to learn from the absolutely best entrepreneurs, who have made it before us and who can teach us everything we need to know, where we can network with other entrepreneurs.

If you want to 10X you business or your life, this is the place where you have to be.

It was such a breakthrough at this Mastermind and we all shared some tears, not only me but for I think almost everyone in the room. To have the opportunity to learn from Dr Obom, who also is the founder and the leader of this amazing Mastermind "OB Mastermind"

I have learn so much in just 2 days and I think we all, who attended can agree on that.

So I have gotten the opportunity to be the country manager in Costa Rica for the OB Mastermind🙌 I am so thrilled by this and let me tell you one thing: We are changing the world. So you should be on this train, because this is going to be huge.

I have a feeling I also will be leading the OB Mastermind in Sweden in the future.

Because I know so many people, who would levrage their life and who could grow so much by just getting into this community.

We as a team, have so much to give and this is going to be a game-changer in so many ways.

If you would like to know more, please feel free to contact me @

I will be more than happy, to help you change your life 🌺

I also had a layover in Houston for 3 hours on my way home on to Costa Rica onTuesday. I got to see my family and friends there for a short period of time. They came and picked me up at the airport.

I always feel so home there in Texas, it's been almost 3 years since last time I was home in Houston.

I was so close to just stay but I had to go back to my beautiful husband and my baby pup Zambia 💕

I will have my family from Texas coming to Costa Rica soon anyway 🏝️