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Is It That Hard To Change?

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

Yes, changing is hard! But changing is something that is required, if you want something you never had.

To be able to reach a certain goal or handling a specific situation in a different way, you need to program your brain differently. And that takes time and patience. I always want to improve myself and learn more.

And in my life, I have different problems or situations I want to change. I want to become more productive when it comes to my work. I want to be healthier and create a toned body. I want to handle my emotions better and become less stressed in some situations. I want to handle my anxiety in a way that it doesn’t stop me from doing certain tasks. I want to become more successful in my own life and use my creativity in the right way. The list is long, and I could write for hours.

But what I want to express here is that everything that we want to change or start doing, takes time, a lot of learning, effort and work.

Not only thinking about it or putting it down on a paper. Easier said than done, right? I used to overthink all the things I wanted to change and improve in my head and sometimes I put them on a piece of paper. And make big to-do lists.

But in reality, we need to act, to make those changes happen. Either if the changes we want are big or small we need to take baby steps every day and make it a good habit. Every little step in the right direction is good and a step forward.

Like if you want to lose weight for an example. Every step towards the gym is a step in the right direction. Every time you eat a healthy snack instead of those chips then you’re doing something right towards your goal. Always improving and doing at least one thing towards whatever your goal is every day. When you make a mistake or repeat a bad habit, accept it and move forward. Don’t dwell about it, accept it and get back on track.

Taking a huge step, sometimes can leads us back to the same old habits. I mean are we really in such a rush to always look for that quick fix that never in the long run works?

Why not taking the time and use those small steps one by one every day? And Make it a habit, turn it in to a routine. And as time goes by you suddenly change one or many things that you in the first place never thought you could.

Also, when it comes to emotions, you need tools. Tools to handle them, tools to guide you and then use them in those moments and put them in actions. It’s hard, of course it’s hard. We are not built to be rocks. Not feeling anything or never react but we can learn how to use certain tools to make it easier for us to handle them and react to them. It’s like rainy days. Either we can stop going out when it rains, or we can buy umbrella and rain clothes.

Whatever problem we are facing we can search for the solution or get the tools to handle them.Even though sometimes it’s easier to just blame everything around us instead of taking responsibility for it and doing something about it.

Of course, some things we cannot control such as the weather, but we can control what we are wearing and if we got an umbrella in hand when we go out. You see what I’m trying to say here?

I am not an expert, but I have been through rough times and handled things badly. Really bad at times. But the more I opened my eyes and started to learn and read. The more knowledge I got and the more tools I got in my tool box and that is what have taught me to handle things differently and take more action to get things done.

Even though now and then I procrastinate things. But I always at the end of the day take action and get it done. Step by step. And remember we don’t know, what we don’t know! The more we know the more we will be able to understand things and the more action we can take.

This was supposed to be a short update of my day, but I just couldn’t stop writing. I got a lot of things done and I feel motivated. Today’s goal is to finish my eBook I have been listening to this week which is amazing. I recommend it highly. It is written by Tony Robbins “To awaken the giant within” is the books name. He is amazing and is one of my biggest role models. You can find his website here:

One day I will have a meeting with him and go to one of his events.

That my friend is one of my goals.

I hope everyone had an amazing Wednesday so far.



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