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Let Us Talk About Mental Health

Updated: Jan 26, 2019

Hello everyone. Today I went to the Global Woman Club breakfast meeting and as always it feels amazing going there. So many inspiring women. It’s a global community that started in London and is now in 23 different locations worldwide. It’s a community for woman to get inspired and to help grow their business. Great opportunity for you if you need to expand or just network.

I am also going to do some interviews for the blog about mental health and about traumas.

As you might know I am diagnosed with bipolar disease. I also struggled throughout my teenage years, because I was a victim of child abuse growing up. I have suffered a lot from that and it led me in to dark places. I have been so close to just end everything, because for me it was so hard to get the help I needed at that time.

Today, a few years later I have come up with tools to handle both my emotion and my ups and downs. I really struggled for a long time but today I can finally say it is so much better. Today I live a balanced and healthy life. But getting here took both time and effort from my side. I made 100 mistakes but after each one I learned and grew more and more. That is why I want to bring awareness of mental health and traumas.

I do know so many people out there, who are struggling and have faced so many dark moments. I just want you to know you are not alone. It is something way more common than we think.

The biggest problem is that we hide it from the outside, which is the reason why it is so dangerous. People have lost so many loved ones because they were afraid of speaking about it. Maybe scared to be judged as a disturbed or weak person. But that is not the case. In fact, showing emotions is just a sign of strength and courage. If you are strong enough to tell someone, how bad it really is, you are strong enough to get out of it.

Today we have so many places to get help from. You have the suicide emergency call (46) 31 711 2400 (in Sweden) 1-800 2738255 (USA). In almost every country you have a number to call, if you are in need to talk to somebody about your mental health.

You also have apps like: “whats up? mental health app” and websites as:

Nobody should ever feel or walk alone feeling depression or have suicidal thoughts. We are all humans with different backgrounds, different pains and experience. We can all help each other in some way. I choose to tell my story so other people can get help, feel less alone but most of all, understanding that you can always turn your traumas and pain into something powerful. Turn it around and become the best version of yourself, because it is possible. You just need to find YOUR WAY, your tools to use, good habits and find people who will lift you up, not down and always remember, you are not alone.

I remember a time when I felt so lost, so depressed and hateful. About absolutely everything. I just felt this huge hopelessness. But when I was in the middle of it, I just had to choose. I mean what is the worst thing that can happen? To die? well at that time I felt like dying anyway. So, I decided to try everything, absolutely everything. I put an alarm, every day. I started to meditate, I quit drinking alcohol and I went to the gym. I bought myself a book called “the 7 habits of highly effective people”. I went to every appointment I could at the psychologist. I wrote a diary just the see everything I actually did every day. I was tired, confused but somewhere inside of me I knew, that if this is taking me the slightest part away from where I am today, then I am on the right track. I kept on going and I saw results. Training gave results, meditation gave me peace and calmness, Good habits turned my negative spiral into something that I today call my positive core habits. The smallest changes are the biggest steps towards a better tomorrow.

That really helped me in my dark place. Always moving like a snail, slowly towards a bigger goal.

This could really help you if you are in that state, I know the answers are there because I went through it. I also believe you can find them too.

Anyway, I hope everyone have a great weekend. Take care of each other & yourself ❤️


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