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Living Life In Colombia

Updated: Sep 20, 2018

Hola, from Colombia. Weather here is great but sometimes it’s starts raining for like 10 min and then it’s over. Typical tropical storm.

I been to the gym here 2 days in a row now. It’s a small gym in a tiny room but hey, at least they have one. And tomorrow I’m trying out CrossFit for the first time. I AM SO EXCITED !

Me and my husband celebrated our 3-year anniversary yesterday.

We celebrated it with food in bed watching Deadpool 2.

We are more like a “stay at home” couple than going out partying.

Back when we first met we used to party and celebrate everything but today none of us drinks and we are more comfortable at home. Of course, I love to go out and dance sometimes but Hector rather not 😋

I have now started to listen to an eBook called “Kosten att få mentala superkrafter” / “The art of getting mental super powers" by Henrik Fexeus .

A Swedish author. I have only listened for an hour and its super interesting.

With the “Art of Mental Super Power” you learn how to make better decisions, train your memory, read faster, control stress and nervousness, find harmony, joy, and kickstart your creativity.
Sounds like a perfect book for me, so I’m going to give it a try and finish it.

We also book a trip to “Cristal beach on Sunday” (playa de Cristal in Spanish). Cristal beach is famous for its Crystal-clear water.

Today I also attended a webinar by Marina De Giovanni, I recently Bought her book, but I have not yet started to read it, but I'm super excited.

Her webinar was interesting, and I really got inspired.

It was basically about how to work from wherever you are and build your own bussiness and marketing.

I am open for anything that can get me to move forward in life and grow.

For me reading, listening, attending webinars and take courses are truly helpful and it gets me so motivated to learn and grow. Mostly to take action, that is the key ingredient.

Oh, also today my husband went to the mall while I watched the webinar and he came back with the cutest beach pants and a bikini. He never seems to stop surprising me.

I am about to enjoy this evening at the restaurant eating this amazing salad.

Have a good night everyone 😀


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