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Madrid And A Lot Of Anxiety

Hello everyone long time no se 😄 I arrived early this morning from Madrid and this weekend has been amazing. It started of bad but I turned it around.

Friday afternoon we started our journey and I realized at the airport that my medication (for my bipolar disorder) was not with me. That made me have so much anxiety and on the plane it got even worst. I am so scared of flying, even though I been up in the sky so many times. I usually can control that because I have my tools. But the first flight I really freaked out. I did not breathe with my stomach and I started the trip with a panic attack on the plane. When I got off the plane I felt so ashamed and I was so mad at myself. I let it go to my head so I got disappointment but I pulled myself together and decided that it was not going to ruin my trip.

Even if this trip started off with anxiety I turned it around and had an amazing time. It’s important to let the negative emotions go and accept them.

My anxiety have controlled my life for so many years but I worked too hard to let anything like that control my life, so I use my tools. Second flight I was focusing on my breathing while listening to my eBook and it helped me a lot.

We had a little stop in Zurich and I tried to sleep. But because I did not have my medication I had trouble sleeping the whole trip. But I explored Madrid city while Hector was in a meeting the whole Saturday.

I went to this amazing park and here is some photo of what I capture 😄

On Sunday we took the flight over to Germany (Munich) where we spent the whole Sunday and we took a little guided tour around the city and went to the most beautiful church I have ever seen.

Monday night we came home and I was so tired because I barely slept at all this weekend. As soon as I came home I took the medication and I slept like a baby for 12 hours.

Today was like a day to come back, after all traveling.

I did not do much but eat, sleep and bought food for the rest of the week before we take off to Mexico.

My husband is having a tour relatad to his business and he has worked so hard to get everything together and I am going with him as a support. I promise to update every day.

We are going to 5 different countries in Central and South America. I’m so excited but as you know by now, I hate flying but it’s not going to stop me.

I am trying so hard to figuring out why I’m actually so scared of flying. Even if I know it’s the safest way off traveling.

Maybe it’s the fear of losing the control, or just the feeling of knowing you’re so far up in the sky, in such a an huge plane. And if something would happened it’s not up to you to fix it. I actually have no answer to why I feel so scared of flying but my goal is to get over that fear and be able to enjoy it one day.


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