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Good day everyone!

I am currently editing my video for my new fiverr Gig. I have been working on the computer all day. The rainy season is seriously on right now, its been raining for days and its big thunder-storms right as I am writing this post. It is super cozy at night when its dark, cuddling up with food and just hearing the thunder. But as I am writing I can see the lightning hitting right outside and its actually a bit scary.

Anyway, we have moved into our new apartment. We picked the one on the 5th floor with the amazing view, but it´s located in the middle of town with bars and clubs, so it is a bit noisy at night. But it is fine, for that view, its worth it.

I have started to record as much as I can, to make V-logs. Bare with me though, I am new at this and its far from perfect, without amazing sound and light. I barely wear make up these days so, my morning face is real you guys, don´t get scared 😂

I am trying my best to get everything on camera, either picture or video. I am working on the market/festival video I was telling y'all about. I will upload it on Tuesday.

I am also starting my Spanish course tomorrow, so soon I will be speaking Spanish, hopefully.

These past days has been busy, working, going around town to buy things for our apartment, working out in the gym and meeting new people. A good kind of busy of course, I can´t complain about it.

Because of the rainy season I am mostly inside. Summer here in Costa Rica starts in November, I look forward to that.

For now, y'all can enjoy my video of the last couple of days, where I spotted monkeys, lizards and a little house spider I named Bernaid. For those who don´t know me to well, will found out I am naming animals I meet or see, its like my thing 😂

You will notice me and hubby are extremely goofy together and speaking like total nerds, don´t take everything we say to each other seriously.

I wish everyone an amazing day 💟


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