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My Implant Exploded

Hi everyone. It has happen so much since the last time I wrote to you, I have been going through some serious changes. But all in a good way. Let me start by telling y'all about the trip to Argentina/Uruguay. A while back me and Héctor flew to Argentina, mainly to go to his sister Lucia´s wedding but things happened along the way and we needed to make a stop in Buenos Aires for an emergency surgery. We decided to do 2 things in one trip just to save time but also, it was urgent.

A while back I started having pain in my breast. It has been hurting in my left side boob for a while and it got to a point where I could not even lay on the side. My left side boob started to deform in a very ugly and abnormal way. It started to hang on top of my silicone implant.

For those who don´t know, I have a silicone implant since 2011. I suffered badly from anorexia and I had lost my perky natural big breast and I wanted to filled them up to how they used to be. To make a long story short, I made up my mind back then to have a plastic surgery to get my tiny breast bigger.

When my left side breast started to deform, I thought gravity had taken its place, my saggy left boob was just naturally loosing its shape. But in fact, what really happened was I have started to develop a capsule. It started to deformed my breast and hurting to a point I needed to get help.

It was not until my right side breast also started to hurt, I finally sought for a doctor.

My right side breast had started to move to my armpit and left me with a huge side boob. Which looked anything but normal. The implant had started bottoming out (which means falling down towards my stomach - about 5 cm). Overall my breast were starting to look different, uneven and at the same time they were hurting very much.

I went in total to 3 different plastic surgeons in Stockholm. Everyone told me different strategy's and what could have been wrong. I didn't know what to believe really, at this point. All I knew was, I needed to get them out or replaced.

I decided to let my fears go, made a research for the best doctors in the world, and Argentina showed up everywhere. I´ve heard so many stories about the plastic surgeons over there. They have some of the best surgeons in the world, also it helps that plastic surgery are super common over there. I made my research and found a highly recommended Doctor: Dr. Andrés Freschi.

We spoke and I send him pictures.

Just by looking at my pictures he could tell me things other surgeons in Sweden have not told me. The Doctors here in Sweden met me in person, touched my breast and even did a ultrasound. But they never told me the things this Dr told me just by looking at my pictures.

I made a decision to meet him before going to Uruguay.

We planed our trip going to Argentina, first to have the consultation with Dr Freschi and 3 days later I had my operation.

It turned out to be a capsule on the left side boob. The big surprise came when Dr Freschi told me the right side implant was totally broken and had exploded in my breast (see picture).

Also my inner pocket which the implant lays in, was completely broken.

He needed to do a big operation, restore my pockets and get all the silicone that had exploded out from my chest.

I am so happy I choose Dr Freschi, he did an excellent work.

My breast looks better than ever. They feel much healthier and I am so happy with my decision, going to the other side of the planet to fix what needed to be done.

The first few days after the surgery, I was in bed constantly and in so much pain. Héctor was helping with everything, to get out of bed, to the toilet and even feeding me. I am so happy this human is by my side no matter what.

Its been 10 weeks today sens the operation, I feel normal again and I have no pain. Yet I can not sleep on my stomach, which I am use too, I know I will in a few weeks, just need to stay patient, I am still in that healing progress so its normal.

Overall it was a scary situation, I have had so many questions like; how long was my silicone implant exploded? what caused it and how? I might never know. But it it´s scary how you have a foreign object in your body, thinking its all good, but in fact it could be dangerous. My case was not life threatening or even near that, but it caused me pain and it could have developed into something worse.

Yet it did not, I am thankful for that 🙏


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