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My Stay In Punta Cana

Hi everyone, I have not been updating as I wanted to, but I am in Colombia now and the WiFi is amazing, so I want to share with you my stay in Punta Cana.

Well, we arrived at Punta Cana early morning to a resort called “Grand bahia principe bavaro”. And I must say it was the worst experience ever. The resort itself was absolutely beautiful and it was more like a town with 7 different hotels in one resort. They had variants of pools, aqua lands, minigolf, playgrounds and spa. It was huge. A train got you around in this resort, that’s how big it was.

The first thing happened when we first checked in. The man who checked us in first gave us a room far from the beach. As big as this resort was, we wanted to be as close as possible to the beach. The man then told us that those rooms cost extra.

We were totally fine with it and the man then tells us that the card machines are currently off, so we need to take out cash from the ATM to pay for the room.

Long story short, the man tried to rip us off. The extra cost for the room near the beach was a scam and the card machine worked but the man wanted us to pay cash, so he could put it in his own pocket 😔

How did we know that? Because after everything that happened to us these past 5 days we had a meeting with the manager. We then found out that it was no extra charge for the room we wanted, and this person is now under investigation and fired. So at least our horrible experience was not for nothing.

How many people have this person ripped off and how much money have this resort lost because of unfaithful staff.

When we come to the room we realize it’s a bit old and not what we expected. But we just ignored it and as we then try to leave the room we realize the door is broken, it does not lock?! 🤨

We got a nice welcome suprise

So, we cannot leave the room until someone comes and fix it. We call the reception and it takes them 3 hours to come and fix our door. So, were stuck in the room for 3 hours because we can’t leave. When the door is fixed finally our card is not connected to our room. So, we must take the train to reception and get 2 new once. Yay, finally we can go back home. NO! those keys did not work either. This time we made a call from the restaurant beside our room.

And they wanted us to go back to the reception to get new keys once again.

"No way" we said.

Now we have had this problem for hours. "Please send some one to give us keys, that actually works, so we can get back in our room".

They did, and that problem was finally solved.

The Wi-Fi at this resort only worked in the reception, but you could pay 80$ to get it anywhere for a week. We paid that of course. We needed to work both of us and we are depending on internet to do so. But people this internet did not exist. I am serious, it did not work at all.

The only time it did, was at the reception. Even there it was so slow and broke up every other minute.

So, my husband spends our 5 whole days at the reception to be able to work. I decided to just take a real vacation, so I did not work. Unless it was night, but the mosquitoes were so bad that even then I could not work. (the mosquitoes are of course not the hotels fault) but you see where I’m getting here? That is why I did not blog. I choose not to spend my days in the reception, so I could actually get the value of our money we spent in this resort.

I don’t want to be negative, but so much things happened here at this resort.

But I also want to mention I had an amazing relaxing time. I got to tan, enjoy the pool and the beach. I Loved the food at this hotel. We had all inclusive and the virgin drinks were so good, and they had my favorite “coco loco”.

Something worth mention that we had a cockroach in our room. I also saw 2 in the restaurant while eating. This hotel resort is a 5 star. I expected to much because this was just not what we thought it was. The fact that I also got followed by one of the workers got me to the point of, I just wanted to leave.

Staying at the beach was also not as I expected, because of the constant sales men coming by all the time., trying to sell you stuff.

As I mention before we had a long meeting with the manager to discuss all of the things that happened during our 5 day stay. They were very helpful and understanding. They tried to make up for it by giving us a free “special dinner” and a 25 min massage. But then we had to sign a paper basically saying we accept this offer as an agreement of us not taking this further. We did not sign because we will do a reclaim and we will for sure leave an honest review.

Enough complaining. Punta Cana had an amazing beach and even if we had some trouble throughout our stay, I had an amazing time with my husband, I got a badass tan and I gained probably 5 kilos, because of the good food 😋

All in all, it was amazing!


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