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Procrastinating Day...

Updated: Aug 14, 2018

Today was the day when our dishwasher arrived after weeks of waiting, finally it came. But we had a problem. when the installer left, and we started the program it flowed with water!? We got the installer to come back after 2 hours. It seemed like the problem was a tiny plug that was filled with a plastic holder that kept the water from coming out. Anyway, problem fixed, and we are happy. Also, when we woke up this morning with had no electricity. We called our electricity company and they could not found an ID for our apartment. Which is so weird, because we been living here for a month and a half and electricity worked perfectly. We moved to a new production apartment, so the ID for these apartments have not yet been confirmed. Long story short, we got the ID-nr by our apartment company and finally we got the electricity back. It’s funny how dependent we are of such a thing as electricity. And how important that is. Now days with a click of your phone, you can restore everything and get the answers. Which is a fantastic thing.

Today was just a slow day. I did do some important things but did not make it to the gym. I could have workout at home, but I always feel like that’s not giving me enough. Such as going lifting heavy weights at the gym. Bad thinking because working out from home is amazing. it is my mind coming up with excuses. And I feel like I make excuses a lot lately, procrastinating is one of my biggest weaknesses. And that needs to stop. Only person who can stop it, is me. I just need to program my brain, just as easy as that. Getting things done will make you feel good about yourself so why not doing the hard work and then feel good? Well the cough felt better doesn’t it?

Enough complaining! Tomorrow I will make myself a complete to-do list of routines to do every day. For me that’s much easier than just go day by day. Apart from that, I will get better on taking the time to meditate more than once a day. I meditate a short time every morning and it has giving me results. Like keeping calm, stressing down and feel more positive. It’s NOT something you do once, and it changes your life. Instead make it as a routine and it will change slowly the way you are being present. I do it by listening to relaxing music; close my eyes, trying to focus on absolutely nothing. Its hard to start but it gets easier with time.

Time to sleep now, so goodnight everyone.


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