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So Madrid, Here I Come !

Today was rest-day from the #gym and I took the time in the morning to book our tickets to Madrid. We are going there next weekend. My husband has an event and he is going to hold a conference there. I have never been in #Madrid, so I am very excited to discover the city, any places I should visit or something I should do, please feel free to leave me some tips :)

Any must do`s while in Madrid?

Today I also had my first meeting with my #psychologist here in #Stockholm. I used to have one in Norway and I wanted to get back on that track while living in Stockholm. I personally love going to a psychologist, to get thing off my chest, learn new ways of handling my emotions, and to get stronger within myself. I am an open person and can honestly say that going into sessions has helped me a lot with growing myself. I would say I am willing to learn everything possible to feel better within myself and to grow. It has always been interesting for me to learn ways to see things from other perspective, to know myself better and others.

But of course, it’s always hard in the beginning and it is so important that the person you’re supposed to be open with, is a person you match and feel secure with.

I have had some good ones over the years and some I just met once and that was it. So, finding that match is important. And building up a relationship and trust with a person takes time. It is also a learning process, at least that’s how it was for me. I go to a psychologist also to clear my mind, to talk about my anxiety and to keep moving forward. I got a positive feeling today so that is a good sign.

Today I’m also going to do the boring stuff as cleaning and doing the laundry because tomorrow my grandma is coming for a visit. It’s the first time I can invite her or anybody over since I lived in #Norway for the last 7 years. Now I am so excited to show her my new home here in Stockholm.

It is time for me to get started with the cleaning even though I want to procrastinate it LOL, have a good Wednesday everyone 😘