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Surprise Party

My husband Hector turned 40 years old and I have to be honest, I love birthdays so much. Maybe because I get to plan party's. I love surprises and I love to plan them even more. I planed this for months, going back and forth about the best way of celebrating his big 40 years old birthday. When Hector turned 38 I surprised him with an Italian trip to Sardinia. I simply put on a blindfolded and put him in a Taxi all the way to the airport. Super fun, but now he turned 40 and “beating that trip to Sardinia was going to be hard) its not like I have to be better and better for each year, I know whatever I give or plan is going to be super special for him, but this is something else, 40 is special and I wanted to make a memorable moment.

It started on Saturday morning when I woke him up with his favorite chocolate cake with sparkling candles while I was singing from the top of my lungs happy birthday to you.....

Surprising him with his chocolate milk in a new cup with the word “ The BOSS” printed on it (his company name is Se El Jefe = Be the boss, thought it was close enough.

At breakfast he got an envelope where it said we were going on a spa-cruise to Finland (24 hour cruise). I had already been planing everything in detail's and the day before I´ve packed a small suitcase each, with swimsuits and so on, to get everything ready for the surprise. Than I had a cab waiting on us outside and we took off towards the pier.

Everything was going smooth until I realized I had the address to the wrong pier.

I realized that when we arrived to the wrong pier and our boat was not there.

Well to be honest I freaked out, the boat was leaving in 40 minutes and we had not checked in yet. We had no other choice than to get a taxi as fast as we could to the right pier. The taxi driver raced through the whole city to get us there in time.

We made it just in time but it was tight and finally we could start enjoying Hectors B-day.

The cruise was Viking line “Grace”, a big ship with spa, nice restaurants, casino and dance floors.

To be honest I am like a kid when we are doing something, I want to see everything and try all there is to try. We find the kids area where they had racing games (you know those motorcycles and cars, that you put a coin in and it starts?) me and Hector competed against each other and I won 3 times. I can tell you this much, Hector wins always when are doing anything like bowling, card games, chess, video games or laser-tag.

But this time I won and I loved it. I don’t know why I always want to compete, he does not.

I just feel like I want see who is the best and I am also a super bad loser as well, so its not always that fun, but i´m working on it 😂

I had booked everything in advance and that was a good choice. It was packed with people and I had booked the spa area. Everything from sauna, to Jacuzzi to a snow-cave filled with snow. It was fruit and drinks near hands, so you never had to go thirsty or hungry.

After the amazing spa, we went to a bar where there was karaoke. I went up to sing for Hector as a little birthday gift, I seriously was shaken doing it, I was so nervous but it went well. But then he shocked me by going up singing a song for me as well, he was absolutely rocking it and that made the whole night. He sang: Mr brighside - By The killers and I sang Dj Sammy´s version of heaven.

We also went for a tour around the cruise just to check it out and we found the casino. We played some black jack and it went super well until we lost everything we won. I am not a good player to be honest neither are Hector, but it was fun and it was something we usually don´t do, but it was fun.

After all of the fun we went for a little nap and he got to open all of his presents.

The night came and we had some amazing steaks at the Oscar a la Carta restaurant. It was delicious and super romantic.

We had a plans to go to the club after the dinner but we only made it to the room.

Next morning we started with a buffet breakfast, they really had everything from scrambled eggs to hot and cold food, to cakes and muesli with yogurt and my favorite: BREAD and fluffed butter. Oh I love butter, that is a thing I eat a lot 😅 I just love it. I eat butter with bread basically.

We came back around 09 to the port in Sweden, where I had planed a little activity for us both.

Hector loves scary movies ( while I have a love/hate relationship to scary movies) but it was his day and I knew he would love what I had planed.

So we went to "escape rooms" in Stockholm to try to escape a “saw-room” (from the scary movie saw.) It was our first time doing it and it was super fun, not scary at all but it was hard to find all the clues and to try to find the key to unlock the door. We made it in 57 minutes and to be honest it was hard. You have 1 hour to find out clues how to open the door and its creepy.

We than went home which there was the last surprise. Our friends and family were there to surprise him. He had no idea that when he opened that door everyone would stand there singing. The look on his face was priceless. I had ordered a superman cake (superman=his favorite DC superhero) and made him a frame with pictures from when he was a child to his adult years. We had a super nice time eating his favorite food and just enjoyed the evening.

After all it was really fun weekend and everything I planed went as coordinated.

I know he loved it and that’s all that matters 😊

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