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The Journey To Success

What is really success? It depends on who you ask of course. But for me is doing what you love, create something you believe in, and to grow. But the journey there is long and some people might even underestimate the road to it.

Success is not easy. If you think that my last 2 years were easy is because I chose to not show the hard part of it. I fell so many times and 2016 was one of my hardest years BUT I still had amazing success.

I would like to talk about what people think about success and my experience with it.

Lately I have met extremely successful people and heard incredible stories.

To begin with, people who are succeeding in life started off somewhere, right?

Could have been an idea or the urge of doing something more than just being in the hamster-wheel of society. Somehow, they wanted to break through and do something more than just pay bills and die slowly (the hard way of saying it).

They searched for answers and they worked hard.

But in the process to reach their goals they probably failed more times that you can imagine.

Not only did they fail multiple times but also, they started all over again and kept moving forward.

Like you or me, most likely they also had negative people around them saying things like “what you are doing is crazy”, “that is too risky” or “that is just plain stupid”.

But they manage to stay focused and keep fighting BECAUSE THEY BELIEVED IN SOMETHING.

I felt like a bird in a cage, working for somebody else.

I felt lost and the urge to do something more, to give back to the world somehow and make my days count on this Earth.

I am not saying that working for somebody else is horrible or bad, but it was not for me.

Feeling totally confused, also made me fell flat on my face a couple of times.

But every time I got up again.

I didn’t share those times I got a big fat NO.

I didn’t share the times I’ve been alone crying thinking I am useless.

I didn’t share the times I just wanted to stop and get back into the hamster wheel, because that’s the easy way out.

But so many times I have been: feeling down, confused, in doubt and struggling, both financially and mentally.

I chose to show the good times. Maybe so other people can see that it is POSSIBLE, but nobody really tells you how hard it can be either.

The question is, how bad do you want it?

If your answer is REALLY MUCH! (or something similar), then stop with the excuses.

Finding my way and being where I am now, took me nothing but courage.

I am far away from where I want to be, but I am on my way.

5 years ago, I knew I wanted to do something more and I started my journey by saving all my money to be able to travel the world.

That´s where my whole life changed, and I attracted the right people into my life. Also, during that trip, I met my husband. Today after almost 3 whole years of a distance relationship, which was SUPER HARD, we now live and work together.

Nothing on my journey was easy, I hustled BIG TIME. At one point I did not even have a home. So, I took a chance and moved from Sweden to Norway and I built my life there. It took me years, strength and so much courage, but in the end, I did it.

I am proud of everything I ever experienced, it always taught me something and today I know so much. I think it’s just fair I share it to the world. You know, pass It on.

Why I am writing this is for people to see that nothing, absolutely nothing is impossible, you just need to do the work required.

Take that chance, bring your idea to life and take that flight, or whatever it might be.

If you don’t have the money, then hustle!

Go and get it and do all those things you dream of.

It is never too late, and it is never impossible. Whatever you do, work for it, don’t ever expect it to be easy, for you or for anybody else.

The worst enemy we have is ourselves, and that is something we can control if we learn how to ❤︎