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The Most Hilarious Video

Today is my mother’s 53th birthday. 🎁 HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM 💗 ! We will celebrate it at her place and eat tacos.

I am now getting ready to meet the producer of my documentary Say something. Åsa, she is a big part of my life and has always been close to me because of the movie. Today were just going to catch up.

This week has been busy so far, with meetings and so much on the schedule. I have been slacking at the gym part which I need to get better at. I always want result but without the effort, it won’t be non. This weekend I will go every day to the gym and really get back on track again. Last time I was there I could not walk for 3 days straight. I need to get through the rough days of being sore before it gets easier.

I came across a video today, that me and hector made a year ago. Me and Hector only speak English to each other. He speaks Spanish and I Swedish. So, we decided to make some videos where he tried to speak Swedish and I tried to speak Spanish. ITS HILARIOUS 🤣 He reads news in Swedish, from the computer. He has no idea what he is saying, that why its so funny. But he is good at pronouncing the words, so if you understand Swedish you will kind of understand it. In the end of the video, is the bloopers, it is even more funny. It took us like 5 hours recording this video, because we could not stop laughing.



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