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The Secret Is Out 👌

Hola buenos días 😊

As you read earlier I have hold a secret for about 2 weeks. I basically wanted to save it as a surprise. Me and Héctor have been talking about it for years but because of our busy schedule and traveling minimum 10 times a year, makes it impossible to have done this before. But now when we moved to Costa Rica we decided that it was time.

So here it goes guys: WE JUST ADOPTED A LITTLE BABY PUP 😍 It's a rescue pup here in Tamarindo, that we find by a Facebook group by accident.

It's so many street dogs in Costa Rica overall and we wanted to rescue one and give it the best life possible ❤️

How adorable is this baby? we just cant get enough of her....😍

We named her Zambia but I call her Zambi.

We decided that name, because we wanted to give her a name that meant something for us. Me and Hector met for the first time in Zambia 2014 while we were bungee jumping. That country mean so much for both me and Hector and we decided that it was the perfect name for our baby.

We have not even had her for 24 hours but she is already running around playing, wanting attention and gives kisses all the time. She has a strong personality. She is super tiny and today she is exactly 7 weeks old.

We will begin to pot train her in about 4 weeks, for now we just clean everywhere 😂

I will keep you updated about our little baby.

We are both kind of exhausted after the first night. She woke up every hour wanting to come up in bed cuddling.

After like the 3rd time, we took her up in bed.

I just didn't want her in bed due to I´m scared to roll over her. I am not used to have a