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"Tuning" A Special Treatment For Mental Health

Good evening everyone 🙂

Cleaning day and gym was the only thing I had time for today. Its been 3 whole weeks of nothing but working and meetings. I cant barely say what I have done these passed days, they just rushed by. The days has been fully scheduled, but that is a good thing.

Valentine´s day was spend with my husband at a restaurant called Orchid, a Thai-restaurant. at Medborgarplatsen in Stockholm. The food was amazing and they had my favorite dish "Som Tam" (spicy papaya salad). I always eat that while I am in Thailand, so I was super happy they had it.

We finished the night watching the new movie "Alita battle angel". I liked the movie but it ended in the middle of the story. So, now I have to wait for the second part for some time. But it`s something to look forward to.

Yesterday I went to a clinic called "kilmaninstitutet" and I met a woman named Charlotte Kilman.

There I went through a treatment called Tuning, which is a form of Kinesiology . I never been to one before, but it was so much good information that I have never heard about.

Basically, it is a treatment for your mental health and it helps you to get connected with the inner parts of the brain, so that the body can do right without having to think about it. When the brain has the connections it needs without any blocks, It reacts and communicate correctly. Makes it easier to handle life.

With the help of "Tuning" it is possible to reprogram yourself both consciously and subconsciously, and install better truths in the body. The goal of the treatment is to build you up, your body and strengthen your intuition so that you can do the right thing without having to think about it.

For instance, some of the issues this treatment can help you with:

overcome your doubts, obstacles, get better at focusing, managing stress and to love yourself.

This is something I will for sure do again and I can highly recommend. If you have any mental health issues or you just want to get better results, this could be the right treatment for you.

We all have blocks in our brain. Its not only in our body we have them. To be able to function 100% we need to be connected fully with the brain, soul and body.

This institute has not only this specific treatment but they have a bunch of treatments and products, you can find all the information on their website: .

I got this amazing book from Charlotte, now I am in bed all cuddled up with a cup of tea, ready to read 🙂 Good night ya´ll


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