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Up In The Sky

Alright I’m now on a flight to Cancun. I’m super excited and I have such heartbeat but I’m trying to breath deep and I know I have the strength to not freak out and have a panic attack. I’m at the point before take off. So we will any second now go up in the air. I hate the start and landing but okay, I love traveling so this is what I have to do.

Well my husband is my biggest support :)

If I would let my anxiety take over and control my life I would be stuck forever. In the same town doing nothing but over analysing and have catastrophic thoughts. I would not grow or do anything I dream about. So I am facing my demons and I crush the anxiety even though it hurts for the moment and I feel like dying. I still go through it and that makes me very proud of myself. Anyone who goes against their own fear are a champions in my opinion. A person who against all their insecurities and their own mind keeps fighting through their own demons is a hero in my eyes.

So many people out there are doing it everyday. Someone who has a business, is someone who once went against everyone and everything to make it no matter what. Someone who is living life in their own terms they are the people that went against any kind of obstacle. Those are the people I really look up too. The people who never give up and keep on striving for what they want no matter how scared or how far away it is. They  have a goal and they will reach it no matter what. 

But my husband loves to annoy me too 🤣

So people while I’m writing this I’m up in the sky, holding my phone tight, listening to my positive music list and breathing loud as a bull 😂

I will soon arrive in Cancun and I’m so excited. Video of Mexico City will come up tonight so stay tuned 😃