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Walking Dead All The Way To "Playa Cristal "

Hello people, yesterday we visit the “Cristal beach” and Tayrona National Natural Park, here in Santa Marta Colombia. We got up real early and a tour bus came and picked us up at 06:40. It took us nearly 3 hours to get to the park and all the way to the beach.

We went through some bumpy roads and then we took a motor boat to take us to the beach. The van we were in was so crowded with people, I have never seen any van been so packed in my life, just check this picture out 😂

Tayrona National Park is recognized by the UNESCO as one of the five most important national parks in the world. It is more than 15,000 hectares of endemic ecosystem, arid landscape and amazing beaches.

Me and Hector snorkeled around and we saw some coral reefs. In fact it was a lot of them, and some were in districted areas, where we were not aloud to swim. I accidently did swim there and got a lecture from one the staff working there.

I have noticed that speaking English does not take you very far here. And my goal is to learn Spanish as soon as possible. I mean, that is my husband’s mother language and I need to learn to speak that as well ass he needs to learn Swedish.

Anyway, the whole day was spent by the beach, using these amazing snorkels, that we ordered from

They were so good and you can even go deep under water without getting andy water in the breathing tube. I have never tried them before so we really took a chance by buying them, but it was a great experience.

I feel like these little trips is exactly what I need. I love exploring and go on adventures. And to spend time with my husband who usually work all day long, I get to spend the whole day with him, without internet and computers.

I do work a lot everyday and I always try to be productive when I lay there at the pool, I always listen to eBook’s of growing yourself and self help books or I work from my phone.

Some thing we have started to watch is a series called “walking dead”. Haha I know I am a little bit after, it has like 8 seasons. I usually do not watch tv or series but now when we are here we wanted to start watch something good every night before bed. Now I’m hooked on this series, we watch 1 episode every night now for like the last 5 days.

This morning I was a the gym and did cross fit. As I mention before I AM IN LOVE WITH CROSS FIT. It is so hard and it gets me to push myself so much I even puked. This is my new favorite thing for sure to do as a fitness routine. It also fun because this is the first time I have ever I tried Cross fit.

Today I am just going to enjoy the pool and work. We will leave Colombia on Thursday to go to Buenos Aires. I have been there one time before. And it’s a beautiful city. But most of all I am excited for our trip to Uruguay, which will be after Buenos Aires. We are FINALLY meeting Hectors family again. I have not seen them for 10 months and I miss them so much. Can’t wait to see them.

I will keep you all updated, I need to eat now. Have a beautiful day everyone 😀


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