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We Are Building A New Home For A Family Here In Costa Rica

Updated: Dec 27, 2019


Let me start by telling you that this Christmas has been the least stressful of my life. We have had our dear friend Ana, Dr Obom Bowen and baby Miracle, as guests here in our home. They have been with us the whole December and are leaving tomorrow. We did celebrate Christmas, but not the usual traditional way. We ordered food, watched a movie and had a blessed time, enjoying each others company. This Christmas was the first time in my life, I did not stress over Christmas presents, because we decided to just give love this year. WOOOOW, that my dear friends made me appreciate Christmas even more. Sometimes I believe we get so hung up about all these perfect gifts, that we forget what it´s actually all about.

I also wanted to take the time to tell you about a lovely friend of mine: My dear friend Alexus, who I met here in Tamarindo, one of my first weeks.

I met her at the night market, trying out her amazing food (if you seen my videos, you know what I´m talking about).

Alexus moved here from the states after she met her husband Francisco, who is Costa Rican. They moved to a neighborhood named Santa Rosa, which is beautiful but most parts are very poor and most people live in extreme poverty.

Soon after they moved in, kids from the neighborhood started to come by her house, she started to teach them English, give them food and also to get them a safe place to be at. Rumors spread fast and more kids were starting to come by her house.

To get all of the kids to fit, they build a school near their house, where they could learn English, be in a safe environment, learning basic education, but also giving both parents & children a safe place to be at, off the street where they could get in trouble.

Their foundation is called "Conectando Corazones De Santa Rosa".

Alexus is a "multi-doer" as well, she teaches yoga, giving amazing Thai-massages and she also have, together with her husband Francisco who is a chef, their company"Pure Dream Life". There you can not only order and get amazing food but have an adventure for life, check there FB out, by clicking on the link :

That´s what we did for our Mastermind, we had them Cooking our lunches and some of our dinners, it was a super success.

They involve the community in this project as well, by making sure ladies from the neighborhood in Santa Rosa can be there to help Cooking, that way they get paid a decent salary.

One specific woman - Jackeline, was always with them to help cooking in our house, at the Mastermind. Her children came along too, they enjoyed the pool, we all become friends very quickly and I know we all just enjoyed have those sweet kids around.

I thought to myself, how can we help?

What Alexus & Francisco are doing is absolutely amazing, super important and with pure love.
Their project is 100% nonprofit and they pay what needs to be paid from their own pockets, if donations are not enough. So, I asked if they wanted to tell their story at the Mastermind, what they do and how people can help their non profit organisation "Conectando Corazones De Santa Rosa".

They show some pictures of Jackelines and her family's house. Their goal for 2020 was to raise money to build them a proper new house.

I think we all drop our jaws when we saw in what condition they were living in, sometimes we might take for granted what we have. Example, having a roof over our heads, electricity, food, water or even a toilet, for them it is just a dream.

It is heartbreaking, the reality some less fortunate people face on a daily basis... In the presentation Alexus mentioned that to build a new home, they would need US$10,000, a number to high for them to even consider at this point - as a reference, a salary for this family is around US$600/month.

The thing here was, we met the children, and their amazingly strong mother: We felt a connection and right then we ALL WANTED TO HELP.

Hector and I came up with this brilliant idea, because we all know how it is, when you get home to the normal world again, its easy to forget and move on with our lives.

Not that we are evil in any way, but simply because that is how we humans are programmed. So, we asked every person in the room if they were ready to make a change in this family´s life and what if we all, donated at least $500 each?

Everyone was in tears after her presentation, as I always say: One cannot do it all, but we all can do something, small or big, it makes a huge different.

PROUDLY I CAN SAY: Together we all raised 10.000 $ together, to build them a new home 🙌

Thanks to all these beautiful, inspiring humans down below we are now building a new house to Jackeline and her family. I am so thankful for each and every one of you all beautiful humans with hearts of Gold, without you this would not have been possible 🙏

Also this year they arrange a huge Christmas celebration for the kids and their parents at the school.

It was incredible.
The kids got to do Christmas cards, drawings and eat lots of food and snacks, while singing and dancing.

It was the second Christmas celebration they arranged for the kids of Santa Rosa, last year it was only 12 children and this year it was almost a 100, So it has grown fast in only 1 year.

I came across a boy named Axel, he gave me one of his Christmas decorations trees 🎄 it was adorable.

He told me in Spanish: I ran out of decorations for my Christmas tree, but I did the best I could -while he was a little bit embarrassed, he absolutely melted my heart.

Both me and Hector got some more Christmas trees from this talented children. 🙌

With so much joy and cheerfulness, but yet they have almost nothing in life.

Alexus and Francisco are giving them hope, a better future and a place to be safe 💗

Please watch this fantastic video about their school project. Also go visit their website to learn more: HERE or email them:

Merry Christmas and a lots of love to Alexus & Fransisco who are doing a fantastic job.

LOVE to all the wonderful humans who took a chance to attend our Mastermind, for all the love and help to make this project a reality, THANK YOU 💗