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We Are Moving To Costa Rica 

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

Yesssssss you read it right, we are now moving to Costa Rica. We are leaving Sweden for a new adventure, and to start a life in a beautiful place, in Central America 😍

costa rica, tamarindo

We sold or gave away most of our belongings and packed our life's in to several bags. We are now in a hotel to catch the flight early in the morning.

We have had the last 2 weeks filled with work and things we needed to get done before the trip. It's been busy and we are finally done.

I am currently in bed while Hector is working at the desk in our hotel room.

Today we had a goodbye dinner with some of the family and it was super cosy.

I know my family are kind of used to me going away, either I travel or I lived abroad. But every time it's hard. I know it's never a goodbye but it can be long time before we meet again. But thanks to social media it is easier to be a part these days.

I hope everyone has an amazing Saturday, I will keep you updated about the trip and our life in Costa Rica 😁💖


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