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We Just Arrived To Dominican Republic

Updated: Sep 14, 2018

Okay guys, we just arrived to Santo domingo 🌎🛫 we went from Cancun through Miami and then Santo Domingo. I just took a bath and I am super tired. Tomorrow Hector has a business meeting all day. I will be working on my Cancun video and publish it 🙏

Also I'm gonna chill a little bit by the pool and enjoy the gym.

I will also show y'all around this huge AMAZING hotel. Seriously I dropped my jaw when I first came in here. We have a casino in the hotel, it's just so cool. To bad I either drink or gamble. But I will for sure show y'all around 🤗 TO bad my brother is not here, he would fit right in here. Not only does he play poker (and he is good) but he can drink, trust me 😂

Here is some pictures of our room and our dinner in bed (our favorite thing to do LOL )

The flight went better then expected, no anxiety and no crying of panic.

Goodnight I'm so exhausted now, I will update more tomorrow 😴


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