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We Started A New Life In Costa Rica

Hello you wonderful people!

We are now in Costa Rica, Tamarindo. We have found our apartment & are moving in on Wednesday. We have been around town, spotted some animals. We saw squirrels with the most beautiful tails I have ever seen, we have seen monkeys, butterflies in different colors, lizards big and small AND we saw a crocodile, 5 meter away from us. I have made a short video of the first 5 days here in Tamarindo, where you can also see the crocodile. More will for sure come. I found it much easier to film than to write, also I am working on my "stage fright" so I need to start talking more in front of the camera, obviously because I want to become a speaker so I can share my story & inspire humans across the world. So, getting out of my comfort zone is something I need to do right now 🤣

Anyway, to sum up shortly about Tamarindo: It is beautiful, people are very friendly and its super international (meaning its super touristic with people from around the world) I would describe it as very laid back, a little hippie-ish and super peaceful. You will find raw food, vegan food, organic and also a lot of international restaurants. The beach water here is blue, its rainy season so its not crystal blue, but the beach is perfect for surfing.

Also it is super expensive, right here in Tamarindo at least. Some things are even double the price as back home in Sweden, it is touristic but also, most things are imported so of course it will be expensive.

But I feel at home, mucho!! Soon I will be able to speak their language and I am so excited to learn 🌸

Have a wonderful day everyone, wherever you are in this world 💟


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