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Wedding In Uruguay

Updated: Jul 16, 2019

Hello, how are you people ? 😃

I hope y'all summer is good, or winter, if that´s what you have. Here it is sunny and warm. I love the summer, I wish we had summer all year around, because I really don´t like the winter at all. The only thing missing here in Sweden is palm trees & crystal clear water, that would make it all perfect. But you cant have it all, or can you ?

Anyway, remember when I told you about my exploded implant? That I traveled to Argentina to meet a specialist surgeon. Well we also went to Uruguay where my husband is from and his whole family lives. We went to Hectors sisters wedding in Uruguay right after the surgery and it was spectacular.

I had a breast surgery 6 days before the actual wedding, on the 1th of May we went to the Civil Registry Office and we watch Lucia and Herman saying yes in-front of the judge. It was actually the same judge who married me & Hector 2 years before in Uruguay.

Lucia, Hectors sister were absolutely beautiful. The Civil Registry is basically signing the papers and legally getting married. Something you need to do before the actual church wedding (if you choose to have both).

family and friends were gathering together and witnessing the 2 lovebirds getting married and than taking off for a "get to together" at their house.

The next day was the big day. I got an appointment at one of the local hair-dress places for makeup and hair. To my disappointing it was not how I expected it to be. The hair turned out amazing but the make up was not as I thought. Well in fact it never got done. It started with me asking the make up artist if she could put my fake lashes on which I brought with me. No problem she said. But when she started the whole make up routine with putting the lashes on first, that´s when I got a bad feeling. But when I realized she put them on backwards (so the lashes was pointing down) and she also acted like nothing was wrong, there was my Que to go. Instead I fixed my make-up at Hectors moms home, all stressed to get it done but it turned out super good.

The wedding in the church was so beautiful and well prepared. Every thing was just coordinated perfectly. The flowers, the music and choir was absolutely astonishing .

Afterwards we went to a beautiful salon, super big and fancy with beautiful decoration. Appetizer were coming around all the time, and you had the Bar right beside the tables. Every detailed was planed out and I was amazed how good it was.

The whole night people were on the dance floor. From young to old, everyone was dancing. I was so jealous, I love dancing and all I could do was sitting nicely at the table with my new breast. But I was cheering like a cheerleader for everyone else. I ate a lot of food instead.

I was on medication so I was not in pain, but I felt tired but I manage to stay almost the whole night.

They had a photo-booth, so creative & FUN 😃

We stayed to the middle of the "middle of the night pizza", we arrived home around 05.30 AM. I can tell you this much, the Uruguayans knows how to PARTY 🎉 I would say it was the best wedding i´ve ever been to.

Even though I have only been to 2 of them, and one of them was my own 😂