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Whale Sharks Did Not Go As Planned

No whale shark today due to the driver who never came. He basically forgot about us. When we called the company, they called up the driver and his answer was "I was there but nobody was outside". So, the owner of the company checked his GPS and he never drove by to pick us up. The owner was super nice and fixed it for us, so we could go tomorrow with a special treat.

So today I have just been by the beach and the pool, laying in the shades.

I am so burned, I have sun protector 50+ on and laying in the shades. I took the time to listen around on Spotify and I found Christina Aguilera’s new album “Liberation". That whole album was so satisfying to listen too. I LOVED IT.

I love her voice and the way she put her heart in her songs.

In this album she is really using her capacity of her voice. Gave me chills.

Im so Burned !!

Other then that I went to the gym and cleared my mind.

I have PMS badly. So, I need more alone time.

I never had PMS when I was younger, but after like 23 years old, I started to get it really bad.

I get cramps, mood swings times 1000, get so swollen and I cry for no reason. I have these symptoms for like 4 days before the period starts.

I wonder how something like that just shows up, like knocking on your door as an uninvited guest.

And my husband knows when this BS is starting.

He is always like; ohhh its hormones in the air now, hahah.

He is just amazing and handle everything so good. I wish I had at least 10% of his patience sometimes.

Anyway, I’m about to go and have a date night with my husby (as I call him) so hopefully tomorrow I will swim with some whale sharks 😃


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